If only she could go back to when life was good and dreamy

She animatedly spoke to her dad while sitting out in the park with her friend. The day was perfect. Just perfect. She noted to her dad that she had plenty of Reisling in her fridge. She asked him to send her other items instead. He promised to send cheese and a cheeseboard. She noted her gratitude and hung up. Told her friend she couldn’t wait to go back to Trader Joes for more cheap wine. They had been drinking for hours. This life wasn’t bad. At least not today. But if only she could go back to when life was good, dreamy, and truly decadent.

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  1. Over-the-Top Rich Oh Sweet Desert Decadent
    Yes.. Desert As Dessert i am so Happy
    My Second to little toe is not so Black
    And Blue and Back Enough so The Desert
    of Sand in a Circle in my Green Back
    Forest Yard is Dreams of Decadent
    Dance in Flow
    Any Words
    At all Just Dancing
    With Nature Hand-in-Hand
    96F Fair Skies Heat Index 106F
    Just Hot Dreamy Desert
    Dessert Decadence
    in Flow indeed
    of Course
    News CuLTuRaL
    Clothes to See
    in the Definition
    Place of the Decadence
    of CuLTuRE Falling Falling
    Falling Away From Dancing
    Dancing Singing Singing
    Freely Hand-in-Hand
    With Liberal AND
    Love Enough
    to Wear
    to Save
    Each Other’s
    Lives in What makes
    Us Fully Human in the
    First Place Cooperation to Survive
    And Oh No There goes the BreaKinG NewS AGAiN
    But wait! About that Black and Blue Second to Small
    Left Toe what i learned Yesterday is it is Best to Spar
    Free Style Martial Arts in the Desert Splotch of my
    BackYard Forest Freely with Wild Azalea and
    Privette Shrubs During the Sand and Sun
    Free Floating Balancing Ballet Dance
    of Course not injuring any
    living leaves Just
    Providing a small
    Breeze for the
    Leaves to
    too as Yesterday
    i did it all Around
    the Great Room and
    True i didn’t strike any
    Objects in Martial Arts
    Kicks in that Room but oh
    Lord The Base of that “Cat Tower”
    Did not Give at all as that Smallish Toe
    Crashed into the Bottom of the Tower
    Floating all 246 LBS into Black and Blue Toe..
    And then i realized Just How important my
    Small Toe
    is Second
    to Smallest
    Bringing All the
    Dreams Free Flowing
    of Decadent Dance Indeed
    So Happy Toes to you too.. Yes
    in New York, New York, Decadent Dreams too..:)

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