My brie day

I love cheese. I think I could almost eat cheese with every meal. Well, let’s say at least every day and not every meal. The point is that I appreciate cheese. It was one of the few things I could eat during pregnancy. I had morning sickness for more than seven months. Bad morning sickness. It was rough. But cheese and soba noodles got me through.

And, while I love cheese I don’t love all equally. Who does? I like brie but it is not my favorite, to quote my five year old niece. Yet, yesterday I woke up with a grand desire for brie. All day. I wanted it with everything. Now, this is not a tale about my day-long Brie obsession. This is more again about going with the random moments of life. Yesterday, Brie served as a comfort food of sorts. I ate it up. I devoured it. Then, I moved on.

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