Worrying takes away today’s peace

We all know that worrying can have plusses and minuses. A lot of minuses. And, yes some plusses. If you find yourself worried about something it may serve as a feedback loop to let you know you care about something. It’s an odd choice for a self-reflection path, but it can work nonetheless. Worrying can help you think through an action or maybe motivate you into action.

As for negatives we all know a multitude of reasons for why worrying can be bad for you. It can consume you. It can give you great anxiety. Maybe even an ulcer. And, while it might spur you into action, worrying may very well stall your actions. Paralyze you.

There is so much “worry” out in the world right now. And, deservedly so. There are a lot of unknowns. And some very troubling knowns. But a key bad component of worrying is that it rubs you of peace. Or that it can. We all need a zone of tranquility within us. Worrying takes a hammer to the zone and tears down many emotional buttressing walls.

Take a deep breath. Take hold of tbe bigger picture. Put that worry in a corner somewhere and don’t let it fill you up.

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