My hangless hangers

Like any other New Yorker, my closets are small and tightly packed in. Very tightly packed in. I have shoe upon shoe, blankets, and dresses upon dresses jammed packed in them. It is an amazing feat of physics displayed inside my closet. Us New Yorkers find imaginative ways to store items. We can somehow reconfigure time and space as a result of living in New York.

As I was trying to fit more sweaters into my hallway closet, I came across several items that were hanging on headless hangers. Or I suppose hangerless hangers. They were still somehow hanging despite not being able to clasp onto to pole. Who has hangerless hangers? I suppose I do. I don’t just have one of two, but several. It could be laziness on my part. Could be that my closets are way too crowded . Either way, it may be a very New York thing as well.

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  1. Oh My God, My Closets Are So Full of Coat Hangers;
    In Fact, Soon i may have to Build A Bigger House for
    More Coat Hangers as T-Shirts With Cultural Memes, Themes
    Are Running Out of Room to Hang As i do Enjoy the Zen Art
    of Persona;
    Yes, Human
    Ego Ever Changing
    Chameleon as i Dress
    iNto Cultural TheMes MeMes
    Practicing ‘Them’ NoW as Zen Art
    Ego Changing Colors Each
    And Yes Every Day i go out
    NoW into the (my) World to
    Give/Share my Chameleon
    Colors of the (my) Zen Art
    Ego Soul More With the (my)
    Public Dance World Now and
    True i do Wear these Different
    Shirts on my Blog ReMeMBeRinG
    WHere i’ve been in this Zen Art of
    Persona Ego i Color Life And Others
    in Flow it is no different Either as these
    Letters and Words Become Zen Art of
    T-Shirts i Wear too Ever Changing
    Breathing Souls of Others
    as i Go only Adding
    to the Evolving
    Soul of
    Zen Art
    of Human
    Conditioning that
    is so Less Boring
    Than Just Paint and
    Brush on one Canvas of
    Life or oh my God RePReSSinG
    All of my Humanity and Abstaining
    From the Colors of Life That BRinG

    BreadTH oF LoVinG iT ALL…

    Why Do ‘We ‘Shop?

    CoLoRinG our


    Why do We
    BreaTHE Shopping Soul Colors More…

    But Of course, i score 100 Percent on the
    Big 5 Personality Test for Openness and
    Extroversion Close enough to Zero for
    Neuroticism Only Conscientious
    For What i am doing in
    Laser Focus
    Hell Yes Hell No
    Hell Yes Heaven All..:)

    Hi-5 PM, ‘You Go Girl’; Fill
    Those Closets Up; Be Whatever Girl
    You Wanna Be NoW; Smiles, i have that
    “New York State” of Soul WHerever i Color Life New Now..

    Yet End Is Only Begin As Curtain of Life RiSinG Newer


    ALWayS STaRTinG
    Now Oh How This Breath
    Smells Tastes Hears Seeing Touch i LoVE NoW

    Feeling Sensing IT ALL So Beautiful So Precious This Gift Free

    HEhe, HAha, Sorry, if This Is Too Dramatic BUT NO i Don’t DO
    5.5…Only 6 i Spiral i BReaTHE i AM Air Water

    Earth Wind And Fire

    Boogie Wonderland


    is FoR Me at least…

    You don’t Need Anything
    ‘Gloria’, You’ve Already Arrived, Hi-5!

    i ‘was’ gonna Do Frank Sinatra’s, “i Did
    it my Way”; but it felt too Selfish… so, i’m doing ‘Happy Feet’ instead…!

    This is What is So Beautiful About Life! to Thee (me) In Terms of Coat Hangers LooKinG For A
    Next Shirt; It’s Practically MaGiC NoW GreaTesT PoTenTiaL Changing OuR DancESonG iN Flow Free

    Imagine my Surprise in Synchronicity, OMG For Real, As i Find the Song, ‘Boogie Wonderland’

    From ‘Happy Feet’

    And it Starts

    Out with

    ‘i Did it My Way’

    in ‘Another Language’…

    Oh Lord, What You Will Do

    At the End Beginning of A Song

    When ‘God Winks’;
    Play It again, ‘Sam’;
    Works for me at least…

    It’s interesting (to me) in the Post here, Where i lost
    It Pressing Paste instead of A Copy Key Shortcut;
    i talked then about before my Dead Zone Days for
    66 Months; A Beginning of Sjogren’s Syndrome Before
    my Eyes Quit Making Tears, Repressing my Emotions then
    for So Long, 11 Years, dealing with Work Related Chronic to
    Acute Stress As Really that’s a Big Part of Where Auto-immune Disorders
    come from Repressing Our Souls For Who We Feel and Sense to Be Free
    Expressing Ourselves
    Freely Hiding
    Part of
    Our Nature
    Is as Us; anyway,
    Years before a diagnosis;
    excruciating pain caused by
    the Autoimmune Disorder Attacking
    the Nerve Endings of my Feet; it was
    Horrible but it had not arrived for Destruction
    of my Trigeminal Nerve at that Point but it was
    Working it’s way up as i got sensitive to looking
    at Colors to the point i could only look at black and white TV
    so strange; No Doctor can really explain how all of this
    Soul Torture Stuff Really Happens When Hell or the
    Other Side of Heaven Arrives; Perhaps, Kundalini
    Rising too; All Metaphors Do Dream On in
    Attempts to more fully understand our
    InneR UNiVerses As Science is still
    Lost on the Synergy of whatever
    it is that makes the very
    Essence of our
    Exist; Anyway, i remember
    Sitting in the Theater watching
    ‘Happy Feet’ in 2006; one of the
    Last Motion Pictures the Pain in
    my Eyes and Ears in that Trigeminal
    Way Would Endure; it’s really amazing
    that i went from there to Actually ‘Being
    That Penguin’ in Metro Area Trump Town USA

    THere IS A ‘Certain’ ‘Faith’ of
    ‘Chaos Magic’ in Life FLoWinG
    NoW That Defies ALL ‘Normal’
    Human Defined Concrete
    Logic And Reason; More
    i Travel in Flow Freer Now
    ‘God Yes’, More ‘God Follows’
    me WHerever i Go this way;
    i am a very Logical Person,
    Traditionally, As Logic is Still
    Defined; if i did not see This Happening
    in ReaL TiME As i Dance and Sing NoW
    i Wouldn’t Believe this ‘Boogie Wonderland’ is Real…
    Thanks for an Avenue for me to see more of ‘God’ this way.. with SMiLes..:)


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