A broken down, beat up bike

In walking over 15,000 daily New York City steps one comes across many odds and ends. You come across all sorts of characters and situations. As such, you always have to be on your toes. You always need to scan ahead. And, sometimes you come across an object that gets you thinking about an origin story. Those are all the rage these days in popular culture, afterall.

This morning I was hurredly walking to work. I was running about 11 minutes late. Yes, I have everything timed out. Although I was running behind, I stopped for a few seconds when I came across this old beaten up bike. It was lying there discarded having been used up. Starting to merge with the surrounding grass. I wondered if it still had a few joyrneys left in it and whether its owner would come back for it.

As I looked at the bike, I knew that I was thinking about more than just that bike. I was thinking about the broken people in my orbit and how they needed reassembly and to be picked up.

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  1. I see a back story.
    Of kidnapping and unpaid ransom…
    Cyclist stops to repair a puncture.
    A gang of three unemployed Kryptonite locks seize the bike and fix it to a sign post, demanding cash for the bike’s release.
    Unable to raise the ransom money
    The cyclist bids farewell to the rusty steed, removing the seat as a keepsake.
    And departs on foot.
    A passing dog sees his chance and pees on the bike.
    Weeds spring up and flourish.
    The locks see the flaw in their cunning plan.
    The sign says “No stopping”.

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  2. Oh God the Broken Down Bike Curse of
    Keyboard Short Cuts For Copy And Paste
    When You Press “Command V” by Accident
    After Highlighting the Text And Pressing
    Those Buttons in Tandem instead
    of Command C… Lesson learned
    Today gonna go to the
    Longer And Safer
    Route of doing
    it as one
    of a Key Stroke
    in Mistake erases a
    Much Longer Broken
    Down Bike Story as one Just
    Must Begin or Just End again
    But True this is part of a Never Ending
    “FredNaTaRaJi” Mix of Sonata in Free
    Verse Poetry With Historical YouTube
    Songs to Accompany the Words as yes
    it’s Kinda Like a Shiva Dance too as it brings
    Many Elements of Human Dance And Song Moves
    On Board A Poetry Ship Now To Sail And Yes Anchor here
    And THere in Safe Harbors too.. really you likely would have
    found the other story quite boring God Yes as you’ve already
    Heard about my 66 Month Dead Zone and the 19 Medical
    Broken Bike Medical Disorders with that worst Pain Known
    to Humankind From Wake to Sleep Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia.. true though somehow i incorporated Gilligan’s
    Island and Back to The Future in it when Biff is the
    President then too.. Michael Jackson Fox and
    the Professor from Gilligan’s Island too..
    Skipper.. And Mary Tyler Moore from
    ‘That Girl’ in my Generation of
    the 60’s now at 60 in the Yes
    60’s then.. so Independent
    Brave Like You in the City
    Movie Stars they come
    go of course in Shorter
    Longer Streaming Movie
    Online Clips And yes there
    is the Rich Man And Wife off
    of Gilligan’s Isle too but i already
    Know what Gilligan Does when the
    Natives Get Restless Just another 3
    Hour Tour of this that and the Other Things too..
    What i missed in Hell on Earth for 66 Months Most
    is Emotions and Memories of a Smile Feeling one at all
    so as i continue to pop up here and there in my iMaGiNaTioN’s
    Eye on Your Blog You seem like a Nice Person so i am gonna
    Paint Your New York Skyline With Some Flowers Via Little
    NAS X This Florida
    Evening Where
    are still
    the Symbol
    of the State
    As if THere is one
    Part of Truth We Will Still
    Believe for Sure is the Colors
    of Flowers We See that Make
    Broken Bike Life Still Beautiful to be..
    Smiles Yes.. i am Celebrating 7 years of
    my Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL
    7 YearS Old” Old on 8.18.2020 in 8.4 MiLLioN
    Words of Doing that along with13,530 Miles of
    Public Dance And Better Yet i ain’t gonna touch
    that Dam Control C and V Tandem Key Punch
    Short-Cut Routine as this will give me an Opportunity
    to Try the Regular up top Copy and Paste Routine anyway
    this wouldn’t have
    been possible
    New York
    Broken Bike Story
    True too and it’s true
    Simon Cowell Will tell ya
    Electronic Bikes Will Break ya
    Back in 5 Parts… Now Dancing one with
    Gravity Low is so much better now to reach
    Moving Meditation Euphoria in Autotelic Flow
    at Least without a Broken Back that much i am
    sure of like the Importance of Wearing Masks too..
    So.. Yes.. Have some Little Nas X Electronic Flowers Free of Charge
    as i carefully
    move up
    up from the
    Command C and V
    Keys Short-cut Now..;)


  3. Really thoughtful and beautifully expressed! Loved New York as I visited last year and covered all three days using subways and on foot especially the lower east side of Manhattan. Beautiful place , beautiful surroundings and beautiful thought provoking people like you. Keep enlightening.❤☺


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