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Making the time for so many lines

I have a friend who loves returning items. Actually, I have two such friends. And, yes, they seem to truly love returning items to the store. It’s almost like sports to them. One loves telling me about her “return” adventures because I totally cringe. There are two things I hate during the shopping experience: (1) trying clothes on, and (2) getting in line. Hate them. I quite often don’t try on items and when they don’t fit, I don’t return them. I should note that I rarely get the fit wrong. Thus, I have a very low need to return items. Thankfully.

Fast forward to pandemic times, however. There is a line for everything now. Or rather long wait times. One can certainly order more and more things online. Yet, when one has to go out to get items, the lines can often be around the block depending on the store. Here in New York, for example, the lines are incredibly long for Target and Trader Joes. I have taken to occasionally going at 930pm. Night-time shopping is a new must now.

All these long lines mean we have to plan our day out a little bit better now. We also have to have a bit more patience. And, patience appears to be in constant flux and limited supply at times. These long lines mean we have to slow down a bit. We also need to be strategic as to what is needed more immediately and what can wait to arrive. There are now many more decision algorithms in our daily lives. I know that I for sure need to practice calm, patience, and distraction. Such is life these days.

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  1. Used to hate waiting
    In Lines Now Such
    A Cool Challenge
    Dancing Floating
    Slow Enough
    To others but
    So Very Complex
    From Head To
    Toe Hooked
    Up to whatever
    Music i choose
    Give me 3 Feet of
    Space And i
    Am UNiVerSE
    Whole one
    With Gravity
    ‘the Masks’🎭
    Above So Very Free🕺🙌


  2. I share both of your dislikes!

    I do almost all my shopping online now. I go to a retailer that I’ve bought from before and buy the same brand in a similar style. That way I know the merchandise will fit. If something doesn’t fit, I’ll alter it if possible. Maybe I’ll save it for the day I lose some weight or gift it to someone. Or it will end up on a Goodwill rack. A return is the very last option I look at.

    On those occasions when I do go to a store (usually REI) I’ll bring a tape measure with me and measure the clothing. Since I know my own numbers, I don’t need to try it on. I already know what it will look like from the mannequin. (I think it is an Aspie thing.) OTOH, my wife is always urging me to try stuff on. That’s the part of shopping she enjoys.

    I have to try on shoes. They are the exception. I can spend an hour doing that and walk away not having found what I want. Sometimes the style I bought is no longer made and sometimes the same style is being made differently. My shoes have to be comfortable or I am miserable.


  3. Yes…I know what you mean, some people love to be at stores, for whatever reasons, I am one who doesn’t, I stop going to malls for buying clothes, or shoes, for almost thirty years, first ordered by catalog, and through the phone, later online, delivered to your home, if it doesn’t fit, or its not what I expected, stick return label, and let the carrier pick it up on his daily run, no need to go beyond the porch of your house period. 🙂


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