Luckily, I learned two new simple things today

Everyday I strive to do a good job. In doing so, I often come across new bits of information that I digest eagerly. I like learning new things. Often, what I learn is specific to healthcare- my field of work. Which is great but I yearn to learn random bits if information that are either just silly or random.

To that end, I took a virtual cooking class yesterday with fellow building residents. Interestingly, it was mostly couples (who were drinking wine) who took the class. At least the ones who I could see. I was almost more interested in seeing my neighbors taking the class. I learned a lot about the building in which I live.

Besides getting a better understanding of who lives in the building I chose, I learned two tidbits about cooking. I suppose that was the goal in taking this class. Probably, what I learned most other people already know. I don’t readily cook thus this very simple virtual cooking class felt specifically tailored for me. I learned to use a fork on meat to create pockets for seasoning soaking in and to put the meat in a ziplock bag so that one can massage the meat with the seasoning.

Very simple lesson yet I felt fulfilled by it. It was nice to just learn something so simple and random. It felt nice to learn about something not related to work or the pandemic that I could just throw into casual conversations. Simplicity. That is what I crave.

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