Trying to empty out my amazon shopping cart

I love shopping. However, I don’t like going to the malls. I shop online all the time. Even at 3am. I just received 6-inch pink heels. I’m excited to wear them at some point. I crack myself up in terms of my shopping habits.

One such silly habit that I have is that I fill up my Amazon cart. I keep it full and more full. I had about 50 items in the Whole Foods cart and another 50 in the Amazon pantry cart. I finally hit my own personal limit and felt the need to empty out my carts.

As I went to empty out my carts, I had to laugh. I couldn’t empty them. There was no easy way to get rid of those items. I tried to find a magic button and didn’t. I couldn’t empty my cart. I felt I was bound to order those items. I was resigned to getting those things. So what if I ordered 100 pizzas? I’d eventually get to them. Right? This pandemic makes one do weird things.

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  1. ‘Typical Dude’ as one
    Might Guess i don’t care
    for Shopping but do
    Love People
    i Go Walmart
    Currently Replacing
    Customer Service With
    Machines but all i had
    Was A Smile
    To Give now
    A Twilight
    For Real
    As All of
    Rod Serling’s
    Prophecies to
    ‘Serve Human’
    Unmasked Now
    Reveal hmm.. as
    i Sing From A Back
    Pew oh How i Wonder
    If ‘They’ Will Ever See
    The ‘Real
    Of ‘Their
    Just Trying
    To Help Rod
    Come Back Again…🙏


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