Mask oh mask

I work in healthcare. I go in everyday to work. I wear a mask everyday, all day. I have no issue wearing the mask despite the extreme heat the past week in New York City. In the very beginning of the pandemic, I wore the N95 mask while walking to work for 35 minutes. By the time I got to work, I was near passing out. Nowadays, I wear just a regular surgical mask while walking to and from work. Even with the sweat accumulating and dripping inside the mask. It ain’t easy. But all this to say I have no issue with wearing a mask.

Even with that mindset, there are days where I get into the elevator and have to run back because I forgot to put on a mask. It’s tiring to wear one day in and day out. And, thus we see so many people do that “oops, got to run back to get my mask” dance. It’s an amusing thing to see happen in real time. That moment of fearful realization that one us violating a new societal norm.

Because of that, I now just stuff masks in random pockets and bags just in case. Before I used to always carry lipstick, extra shoes, and an umbrella just in case. Now, it’s masks, hand sanitizer and occasional gloves. What a life we lead.

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  1. Haha.. An Elastic Strap
    Broke Putting it Across my Big Head.. Walmart ran
    Out of Freebies so We
    Had to Drive Back
    Home to get Another
    We Keep extra’s in the
    Car now but Suddenly
    i found myself naked
    Without one in
    Jo-Ann’s, my Wife’s
    Favorite Hobby Store,
    And it Was like those
    Dreams when you
    Realize you have
    Your underwear
    Or nothing at
    All on in Public
    i rushed to the Car
    To put one on and
    Wondered if the
    Folks saw me
    As one
    Of ‘Those’
    Kinda ‘Deep
    South State Folks’…
    Oh well…
    Glass Homes
    Breaking them
    As I get unmasked too..;)

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  2. I bought a box of 20 disposable P2 masks when Sydney’s air went 4 times over the dangerous level late in 2019 – due of course to east coast fires.

    When masks ran out in April, mine proved to be useful once more. My partner works in a hospital and wearing masks there is mandatory – no mask, no entry. I’m in the high risk group by age and because I have asthma. I would never go out without one on in the Covid era.

    And you are right – even moderate exertion I makes being a Masketeer stressful. But a lot less stressful than dying.

    I wear glasses and with the cooler weather fogging is another nuisance,

    But it’s preferable to playing Russian roulette with one’s lungs.

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  3. I have two nurses in my family who each get one mask a day to wear. By the time they walk in the door their masks may already be damp… with a 10 hr shift ahead of them. No sympathy for folks who can’t wear one for an hour at a time.
    I asked a friend to put on a mask to visit (outdoors) the other day and she did, but said, “I’m just not afraid.” Like so many she doesn’t get it! ….”It’s not about you!”

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  4. Whoever thought being prepared for a shopping trip would mean that you had to bring and wear a mask, pack hand sanitizer, have your payment cards and keys out, keep one hand clean, etc. etc. It is the current reality and I am OK with it. We all have to do our part, for this to end well. Stay well. Allan

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