Gorilla glue just couldn’t salvage it

This past weekend I went for a non-destination walk to bask in the heat. I knew that eventually I would find a store that would motivate a bit of shopping. Although, I had already bought an awesome pair of pink shoes at midnight. As I walked I remembered the broken dragon back in my house. That dragon represents a wonderful time with my son at a pirate fair. I felt a grand need to fix it. And, to fix it immediately. I came across a CVS and headed straight in with a mission. I needed strong glue to piece my dragon back together.

The cashier at the CVS pharmacy store asked me whether I had ever used Gorilla Glue before. I noted that I had not. He advised me that it was super strong. Maybe too strong. I needed to use caution. I smiled and thanked him for the advice. Strong is what I needed.

I arrived home and excitedly grabbed the dragon and tried the glue. Then I became deflated. It didn’t work. it didn’t work. It didn’t work. I felt that the dragon represented this broken world. It had been strong. It had warm memories. Yet now its head was cut off. And, no highly touted fix could mend it. What am I to do with a broken head?

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  1. Dragons 🐉 Are Cool
    Yes They Have Such
    Magnificent Resolve
    Yet They only have
    Reptile Brains
    With Will And
    Fearless Strength
    To Survive Yes Balance
    Of Grace to
    Fly Do They
    Love in Fairy
    Tales of Galilee
    At Least They
    Do But What If
    But What If
    But What
    If one Nation
    Really Under Love
    Then All Would Wear
    A Mask, Social Distance,
    Wash Their Hands, Close
    Stuff Down, And The
    Helping Loving Hand
    Of Government
    Well Prepared
    Supporting Subsistence
    As Any Nation Under
    Love WILL under
    The ViRuS
    With SMaRT Love
    Of Science Reason
    As All The Other
    Countries Do
    That Do Not
    Fall Under And
    Follow Psychopathic
    Leaders With Zero
    Levels of Empathy
    And Love
    In The
    Dark Trinity
    Yes Triad
    Life that
    Kills others
    In Deed But of
    Course Perhaps
    Only An Autistic
    Person Could
    God Is Love
    And Truth in
    Loving All is Smart
    Yes i have
    Than Gorilla
    Glue Dragon
    Of Love But it’s
    True many Folks
    Here in Trump Town
    At Least literally
    For Really
    God is SMaRT
    Love Breathing Fire
    First Landing
    Today in New York🐉☺️


  2. Well, judging by the reviews of Gorilla glue, it seems that it is Something of a curate’s egg- good in parts. That is, to put it less kindly, not good overall.

    But Gorilla is just the brand. They make Several different products, some do not work well on hard or impervious metal surfaces.

    They will, however work well on Gorillas. The moisture on skin triggers polymerisation and the glue sets fast. So take care. Otherwise you and the gorilla will become inseparable buddies.

    I fix quite a lot of dragons and I’d recommend using a super glue of any brand made from cyanoacrylates. Comes in tiny tubes, clear and runny – so take care. Little bit of moisture on the dragon fragments helps. I also find that I have to hold the bits together for minutes at a time before the stuff gives any sign that it will work – so be patient.

    If you can leave the glued bits alone for a day, if it’s going to work it will cure to a very strong bond unless it’s too cold where you live.

    Cheers, Therese.


  3. You do not mention, what the dragon is made of, you may need a specific glue for that material, ask, or google it.

    Good luck with your dragon. 🙂


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