She wondered what beast would emerge from today’s actions

The sunset was vibrant today. Moreso than yesterday and the day before. Maybe even more than tomorrow.

She wondered what beast would emerge from today’s actions. She often wondered how to differentiate between possibility and probability. What was to come was anyone’s guess. But her eyes were drooping. She took out a quarter and flipped it. Her destiny was now determined.

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  1. iT WaS A DarK AnD DusTY DaY GodzillAsKeYeS HoRiZoN OrangE HuE
    Hehe.. i was Speechless
    too tired after 5 Hours
    Of Dance And Exercise
    To Reply
    Had to
    On this
    Poem to
    Come Up With This..;)


  2. Very intriguing because all that you do not reveal. Don’t know whether to imagine a fierce dragon who has just laid the eggs of the next generation, or to take from this a more general feeling of foreboding and dread. The dying sun and the demon about to be born. I would continue reading, to find out.


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