The beeping just chirps





Words devoid of meaning

The beeping just chirps

The chirps just echo

Buzz and buzzing

Ears are crackling

The fire quickly burning

Yet there’s only silence

Or do, it should be

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  1. There Are Plain Doughnuts
    Sugar Filled Doughnuts
    Doughnuts Even
    Filled With
    Creme And Coated
    With Chocolate oh My
    God i Just Ate Some Double
    Chocolate Ice Cream and
    Can’t Stand Any
    More Heaven
    Until Another
    Challenge Comes
    For Appreciation More of Sweet
    It’s a bit strange to Have to worry
    About too much Heaven but true
    it makes
    a Lot of
    And Even
    Static too..
    Without a Bit
    of Struggle that
    Isn’t Just A Diet Soda Pop…
    i do Believe ‘the Nothingness’
    Taught me this Lesson too…
    Valuable one
    Ever Even If One
    Has to Create it at First
    And Keep Creating New
    ones Always now to Last..
    For What Genuinely Keeps Colors Fresh..:)


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