Every moment is a mixed emotion

I very briefly caught the news this morning. I do try to avoid much of it these days. It is repetitive and often devoid of real information. Hence, there is no real point in watching. However, I caught a few minutes this morning. And, I was struck by how emotions are so raw and on full display. Well, I’m not so surprised in that cable news has definitely tried to ramp up emotions the past decade or more. However, what we are seeing is that people are coming on with emotions openly bleeding out.

People are raw. People are in need of catharsis. A recent widow was interviewed by a reporter asking her thoughts regarding her husband. And, in twenty seconds you could physically see sadness, anger, despair, pride and happiness. It was an emotion cocktail on full display for the world to see. And, she herself acknowledged that every moment consisted of a mixed emotion.

These days emotions blend and morph. Emotions become intertwined and just ooze out every pore. And, that is ok. We need not have just one emotion. It can be a jumble and someone will connect with one of them. A cacophony. A symphony.

I welcome your thoughts

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