I need some sleep

I’ve reached the point where I need some sleep. All my life I have been able to get up early and keep going till late. I’m an early bird and don’t think that will change. Or so I believe at the moment. Actually, let me change that. I’m slowly changing that. But I have become a night owl. If I go to sleep before midnight, it’s a miracle.

I wholeheartedly feel that everyone is going through this odd sleep cycle. We need sleep. Good sleep. Good REM. Our brains need a reprieve. Our bodies need good down time to address metabolism.

In order to help me sleep a little better, I’ve tried working out. I’ve tried taking warm baths. I’ve tried watching really boring documentaries. And, zilch. No sleep. Maybe by September. Maybe

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  1. I hope it gets better before September. And why September? Anyway, don’t bathe too close to going to bed. Don’t exercise too close to going to bed. Also, don’t look at electronic devices withing an hour of going to bed. All that stuff will just keep you awake. I’ve learned that the hard way. You could try wearing socks to bed. They say that helps. There is science behind it. A friend swears by lavender oil rubbed on the soles of her feet. Don’t know if that works, but I guess your feet would smell nice if nothing else. Good luck!


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