More cravings and brain fog

A pandemic can do weird things to a person. Well, it devastates a society and can brutally harm some bodies. And, it can give you brain fog. It can muddy your decision-making process. Can make you jump. Can make you freeze.

I also started craving things I normally wouldn’t want. I craved pop tarts and licorice. I normally dislike those tastes, especially licorice. Why would I crave that? I craved broccoli and gnocchi and luckily I was able to get that.

I craved the sun and walked around in circles seeking its heat. It’s a brain fog state of mind.

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  1. OMG SoMe of US ArE JusT
    Meant to Go SomEwherE
    to Even Be Able to FoCuS
    On WHere We’ve Been
    Now of Course heHe..
    Hmm.. Nature Moves…
    When We Do Not..
    Spin And
    No Longer
    BiRThiNG NeW LiFE
    OuT oF BLacK WHoLE
    QUaNTuM Effect New oF LiGHT
    DaNCiNG iN Sun And Sand Naked
    Birth Are We Spin And Torsion
    For Simple
    Way as
    Laser FoCuS
    Sunshine Within
    Comes Free Be Born Again


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