Celebrating a birthday during a pandemic

Almost every year, it rains on my birthday. I’m a May baby. Somone who loves spring despite the allergies. Even the rain can’t keep me down.

Today is my birthday and besides the rain, there’s a pandemic. I get to wear a mask and stay six feet away from people. I don’t get to travel abroad or even locally. I don’t get to go to a restaurant and have a nice wine. I get to Netflix and chill. I get to dream of better days. I get to be well, though. And for that I am most assuredly grateful.

I think celebrating a birthday diring a pandemic is an odd gift. Well, maybe not a gift per se. But one can see that a birthday signals life and what better way to be grateful for breathing and being with loved ones.

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  1. Happy birthday! We just celebrated a second birthday in this and next week will celebrate a third. It is different but I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  2. “Eyes Without a Face is a 1960 film co-written and directed by Georges Franju and starring Pierre Brasseur and Alida Valli, based on the novel of the same name by Jean Redon. Brasseur’s character is a plastic surgeon who is determined to perform a face transplant on his daughter, who was disfigured in an auto crash.”

    Hello! Happy May 2nd Birthday to New York, New
    York in High Rise of Work From Home in the Twilight
    (Hehe.. i know Your Age From The X Generation and
    The Year of the Rat but nah.. i will always keep that Secret!)
    Zone of Social Distancing And Eyes Without Faces or
    OMG! Add in Shades and all that’s Left to Do is Dance
    For Non-Verbal
    for any
    of Reciprocal
    Social Communication;
    Wow Did i ever Plan for
    This New Episode of the
    Twilight Zone in my Life too;
    What this Means is even though
    the Metro Dance Hall will Be Closed
    on 6.6.60 my 60th Birthday; The Walmart
    Middle Wide Aisle Dance Hall hmm.. that
    Runs through by the Women’s Lingerie Apparel
    Place is Still Wide Open for Free Springing Public
    Round come
    Rain, Snow, Sleet
    or even Global PandemicS.. Ugh.. With SMiLES
    Behind A Mask With Feet That Sing much more
    Where The Challenge is Without Eyes and Face too..
    Smiles Truth is i’ve already become an Expert at Social
    Distancing so i do not Locomotive Over any of the Sweet
    Walmart Minion Customers as there are more than ever
    as Walmart
    is the
    Place to Be
    Come Hell or High
    Water Pandemics Same
    My God You the Most Adventurous
    Human Being Spanning the Globe
    i Communicate With by Far!.. Driving
    Miss Daisy who cannot Drive
    with Epilepsy is the
    Only Measure
    of Social
    Comfort my Wife
    Needs other than the TV..
    Holy God i’m itching to Dance
    Most Every Day Still.. true though
    Sails Need Anchors for Rough Sea Boats..
    My Sister doesn’t go on Cruises for she is
    Afraid of Rogue Waves.. it’s true There is no
    Risk taker but me where i locally live and that’s for sure..
    Smiles i Viscerally
    Feel what
    has been
    away from
    You for it’s much harder
    where you live to adapt for
    Adventure than where i Live
    And That’s For Sure.. Ironically
    Now that the Pandemic New Kid
    is In Towns Larger than Small as Social Distancing goes..
    Smiles my FRiEnD Kudos to you You are very strong to do

    What Must Be Done.!.:)

    i am just
    Dust in the
    Wind Still Playing…

    Yet i remember
    What the ‘Other place ‘
    Feels like… vaguely…

    Never the Less
    Happy Birthday!
    Always now! for this
    is how i see life after the ‘Other place’ for Real..
    Many folks are LEarning now the iLLUSiON OF TIME
    Without eyes….
    A Face Now
    Just Another Day
    Living in ‘the REAL Twilight Zone’… For Real.

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