Comforted by chips and Jolene

I love potato chips, french fries, and bagels. I like carbs. Even when on a diet, I eat carbs. Some will say that I shouldn’t. However, there is no one size fits all when it comes to diets. Each person’s metabolism and context needs to dictate needs to dictate how one eats as well as how one monitors what one eats. Lucky for me, I can eat carbs. Very lucky for me. I am the type of person who will order a salad for lunch but with a side of fries. And, that works for me. I also love seeing the looks on the faces of the wait staff as I order these odd pairings.

Now that I am working and working, I seem to have lost my appetite a bit. The only thing I can stomach are chips. Many chips. Good thing I dance around the house repeatedly. The chips provide me comfort. During these uncertain times, comfort food can do wonders.

Oddly enough, I’m also comforted by one of my mom’s favorite songs. She loved country music. And Dolly Parton was one of her favorite singers. And the song Jolene reigned supreme at home. I have taken to listening to that song on repeat. I listen to both the original one and the cover by Miley Cyrus. Whatever it does to my brain, the song helps ease it apparently. The brain is such a wonder. The mind such a thrill. Comfort- we are all seeking it now. Chips and Jolene are a tiny component of what I need apparently. I suppose it brings me closer to my mom.

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  1. Essence of Spirit
    All โ€˜Totemsโ€™ Holy
    And Sacred
    Food Drink People
    Whatever Rises Feels
    And Senses to inspire
    This Present Life Awaking
    Synergy The 95 Percent
    Of Our Mind
    The Subconscious
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    That We
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    Rainbow Star Ever Green


  2. I love chips. I am doing grocery shopping once every two weeks, with my mask on and gloves and sanitizing everything when I get it home. It is an epic experience and I have to have some restorative chips once I am finished, I am happy to hear you are a chip eater too!


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