What won’t change coming forward

Everyone. And, we mean everyone is talking about the new normal. I carefully monitor news conferences and new guidance from state officials. Working in healthcare I carefully monitor health department guidelines. Dr Fauci has noted we won’t really be going back to pre-covid “normal”.

We may not shake hands for a long time to come. I’m actually ok with that. Restaurants may have to be at 50% seating capacity. Considering how restaurants survive on very tight margins it’s hard to see how small restaurants can stay afloat. Although, I will note that for larger restaurants it will be nice to perhaps be able to actually hear one’s dinner companion. Baseball may be played in empty parks. As a rowdy Yankees fan this hurts. What will happen to the taunting and 7th inning stretch? Paper and pencil was already going the way of the dodo. Now, technology will take a bigger hold and root in our daily lives. I like technology and am allergic to pencils. I may come out ahead there. However, certain jobs just won’t come back as a result.

With so much that is changing, it’s hard to keep an eye on what won’t change. We’d like to think our general character won’t change. Nor will our sense of right and wrong. Our sense of humor may not change. Yet, all these constants will adapt in some way.

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  1. Humans don’t change. Too many years of evolution to undo.

    Greed, corruption, and getting their own more, first, and before others with better claims – that won’t change.

    Me first won’t change – because that’s the instinct that has kept us alive.

    Maybe there will be more understanding of us shut-ins – in some quarters. Others will be so determined to get out that they will not take the most basic protection measures. There WILL be a second wave of the virus, and it will be worse than the first – because too many people are champing at the bit, and won’t see the consequences – exactly as in the 1918 flu.

    And we can’t, of course, recover any of the dead, or their memories.

    And then we’ll settle back into the same kind of just-in-time, spend money only where is absolutely has to be spent, mode of life we were living in before.

    Why? Because there are too many deep grooves in too many minds.

    I hope for different, but don’t expect it. Science will eventually catch up and come up with partial solutions, but from here on, as it has been for years now, everything will be global in impact.

    I just hope people aren’t too exhausted to vote the bast*rds out in November, and at least TRY to pick up some of the pieces, as they do after floods, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. All of which have much more local impact.

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  2. Early days still…
    Is it a new normal or just another abnormal? 😉
    Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Government … too many Bigs for me these days. And too many expert opinions to boot. Sadly, the online world has exposed just what a narcissistic society we’ve become.
    I grew up in and still live in a Big city, relatively speaking – Boston.
    One thing is certain for me; I’m going looking for Little….


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