current events


Everything is still while our minds keep going in endless circles.

We’re tired yet wide awake.

We want to run while we hide.

We remain still so we can then move.

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  1. SMiLes Evolving Now Longer
    To the Point of Still… ‘Words’ Now…
    Did We Ever ‘Evolve’ At All ‘This Way’…
    Move and Repose Move and Repose
    Waves Become Ocean Whole Tides
    Directed By Moon To See Light
    of Sun…
    oF Fear
    Dance IS A
    Way oF LiGHT
    Before Any Song At All
    We Are The Wind The
    Dance Beyond Measure
    Never Captured Still Wind Dies Alive…
    Yet How Will We Measure Inspired By Words Still…
    Dance Repose to:
    Poetry Move Away From: Still


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