Be loyal to your future not to your past

Last year I came across the phrase of “be loyal to your future, not to your past”. I wrote it down in my little book of quotes. I write these down and then occasionally I seek to dig deeper into them. Other times I just forget them all together. The phrase may have held meaning at a particular moment and it was fleeting. That’s ok. Not all words hold their meaning forever. You state them once and then they evaporate.

This time around, I was flipping through my notes and this quote lingered in the moment and in my mind. I could almost taste it. A bit strange, I suppose. I thought sbout the here and now.

Right now many are sitting day in and day out at home. They ste watching Netflix. They are listening to music. They are dreaming all day and night long. They dream of what yesterday had been. Not literally yesterday. But instead the yesterday of what used to be. Many wish things could go back to the way they had been. The future looks a tad bleak to many.

We shall get past this all, however. The darkness shall turn into light. We can’t stay stuck in what used to be. For that shall never be again. By focusing on the future – a future- the present shall be something from which we get to move. We can’t stay beholden to a past we may not have appreciated in the there and then. Now is, instead, the time to commit to a brighter future. We must stay vigilant and loyal to our future selves. That’s it plain and simple.

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  1. I know people who were stuck in a bitter past for their entire lives, angry on their deathbed at wrongs done to them 70 years earlier. As Elsa said, they should just “Let it go!”

    There is a lot of political violence as cultures refuse to “let it go” too.


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