Collectively, lets hit the restart button and let a rebirth take hold

Growing up Easter was my favorite holiday. I loved the spring season. I loved wearing a bonnet. Who doesn’t? Well, I am sure a few do not. That’s their issue. I love everything about Easter, including the religious services. A few years back while we were still in Los Angeles we went tk a great Easter sermon in the valley. I got easter bears made for my son and two nieces. Afterwards, we ate, laughed, and felt as one.

Fast forward to the now. It is easter but it feels so desolate. People are isolating. There are no easter bears to distribute. I suppose there is still the Easter bunny. We will be catching an online sermon. And that in itself is an odd sense of togetherness.

As the morning sun takes hold, I can’t help but think we need to hit that restart button. There is no way we can go back. There is no way we should want to go back. There’s a way forward out of this collective despair. We are all learning to reconnect. Use our phones to actually talk to people. Trying to find deeper commonalities when before we focused on the obvious.

I still love Easter. I hear the birds chirping. My dog wants morning scratches. And my son is happy. There is a path forward.

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  1. FeeL oF EasTeR SeNSinG
    FEaSTinGS BLiSSinGS Without
    When Hand
    Shakes ArE ONly LoVE
    YeT We DancE And SinG NoW
    to BReaTHE LoVE For As LonG As
    Notes BeComE SPiRiT WinD SeeinG..:)


  2. Continuing this thought, perhaps the Passover story is more appropriate this year, given that we’re all in captivity right now, hoping and praying for release from this plague. To continue this thought forward, maybe people like you, who are acting instead of talking which is what most of us are limited to, will, after all this trial and tribulation (and attempts at a test/vaccine) finally be able to lead us out of this bondage.


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