Life’s meant to be random at times

I like a certain amount of chaos. I thrive in chaos. I stay calm when needed. I get angry when needed. I push and pull. I don’t always act perfectly per the situation, but chaos suits me. I’m also very random at times. It’s fun to be random and somewhat unpredictable. Just yesterday I laughed for a bit when I saw the look of disbelief on someone’s face. They didn’t know whether I was joking or not. I didn’t bother to clarify.

Now, there are times when even I am too random for myself. This morning I was very sleepy-eyed and hadn’t yet had my standard two cups of coffee when I came across a chaotic floor scene at home. I had been working late and had been writing while on the floor. It’s where I do my best work. I suppose I had surrounded myself with some comforting random items.

I had a chuckle as I tried to come up with a narrative. A shoe, a top, a water and a coke zero all met and hung out on my floor. Life’s meant to be random at times. One should just roll with it.

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