They were all a bunch of miserable ducks

I try to be a joyful person. Joy, as a matter of fact, was my word for last year. It served as my guidepost. It still does. I’m of the firm belief that you cannot let others steal your joy. However, there are times when you are up against a tsunami of misery. Well, a tsunami of other people’s misery.

We all know that there are people who are set to bring no joy to their interactions. And, it would serve our mental health well, to avoid such individuals. However, there are many times (unfortunately) where said individuals cannot be avoided.

Sadly for me, I have been surrounded by such individuals many times in my life. Some people just try to suck the joy out of my bones. And, at times, they have nearly succeeded. I have had to dig deep into my well of joy. At one point in a past tense meeting, I noted to myself that the individuals in the room were a bunch of miserable ducks. Really miserable people. By noting that I was able to make it through those moments. I knew that I was not that miserable and that I can tap into joy.

By tapping into my joy and remaining stoic in the face of hostile grandstanding, I am often able to sleep well on such nights.

I am also reminded of countless other times in the past where I looked around me and not only saw joylessness, but also experienced others trying to take away one’s happiness. I made it through those times and I’ll make it through future ones as well. I know that. As to those joyless people, I’m not too sure.

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  1. life is like that, you have to live with all things in a bag, like good people bringing life to you, those giving joy and bad people making your life miserable, its you, how you take them. Avoid negative people even if they are living with you they give you bad vibes and stay in the company of positive people you will get energy and joy


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