Leap, jump, skip to a different beat on this rare day

Happy Leap Day! 🐸 What will you do with your extra day? Take a leap of faith, of course! Leap, jump, skip to a different beat on this rare day.

How did we get to have an extra day? Well, this rare day is a result of the earth’s orbital period around the sun, which takes 365.256 days at 66,616 mph. Hence, every 4 years we accumulate 23 hours, 15 minutes, and 4 seconds extra time. That is very specific.

Sometimes, February 29th is not handled correctly in computing logic that accepts or manipulates dates. So be prepared for some possible wackiness today. Go with the flow. Maybe even take a risk. Today doesn’t come that often. Thus, a risk here and there may not even truly compute. Go ahead and ask that person to marry you.

According to an old Irish legend, and the movie with Amy Adams, women can propose to men on this day without being able to be refused. The concept seems a bit dated considering it is the year 2020. I mean we are supposed to riding flying cars, have a robotic maid named Rosie and a talking dog named Astro. Maybe a giant warrior will snap his fingers and right all the wrongs today. Or you can snap your own fingers and make the wotld a better place one event at a time.

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