Hi, I’m Brad Pitt so says the nametag

I have a love hate relationship with nane tags. Actually, it’s mostly hate. Actually, it’s indifference with a twinge of hate. I don’t care for them. I usually lose them at events. They never hang or fit right.

For some reason, I have found name tags to be elitist. I don’t quite understand myself on that framing. Yet, I have thought that for years and years. It could be that I thought nametags offered a shortcut and allowed people to not have to remember your name. They could just refer to the nametags. I, for one, have done that. Furthermore, I have often met and remet the same people who repeatedly act as if it were the first time we were meeting. Rude! I usually remember faces, even if I don’t remember names. This, I often remember people when I re-encounter them. Occasional, however, I do forget. And, when that happens I am mortified. But back to the nametags.

This past weekend, they held the Oscar nominees dinner. Or something to that effect. And, they handed out nametags. That alone made me pause and laugh. I wouldn’t want to wear a nametag on a nice dress. Plus, do these celebrities need nametags? Apparently so.

There’s a photo that went viral on social media that showcases a nametag. Specifically, Brad Pitt was photographed wearing a nametag at said Oscars dinner. Whoa! Once I saw that photograph, my framing of nametags changed. If Brad Pitt can wear a name, letting people know who he is, many of us can do so as well. He looked quite charming wearing his nametag. And, with that I’m going to wear a nametag that says Brad Pitt and see what happens.

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  1. Ha!! If you denigrate nametags, obviously you aren’t over 65. I think everyone should be made to wear nametags constantly. Even my family and pets. Just wait until you are 65. You’ll see!!!

    Enjoyed your misguided post, though.. ;o)

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  2. I live in a retirement community of about 350 people – and I haven’t been here long enough to learn everyone’s name, even after having dinner multiple times with them.

    The men are a bit more distinctive, but a lot of older women with short hair have merged into one generic ‘woman,’ and I really appreciate it when they wear their name tags, as do the staff who are dealing with remembering whose account to charge for dinner! The staff are amazingly good – but that also takes time, and we need new ones as the students move on in their lives.

    I wear my nametag all the time – and feel bad when I occasionally forget. It’s a lot easier to get in a surreptitious glance at someone with a familiar face’s nametag than to make them think they’re less than memorable, IMHO.

    A place like this, with older residents, and a ten percent annual turnover (a lot more than I realized) means there are 35-40 new people every year. It is kind to wear your tag – and makes it easier to ask someone else what their name is when they don’t follow the courtesy.

    Our oldest is face-blind – tags would help at work, but they don’t wear them. It is a significant problem.

    Like flu vaccines, nametags are for other people’s convenience. Here, if you don’t need to read other people’s tag, maybe they would appreciate being able to read yours.

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      • It’s actually irritating to see/meet someone you’re sure you don’t know – without their nametag on. Then I look like the idiot who can’t remember names (sometimes I AM the idiot – but just because we’ve had dinner once and chatted once in the pool doesn’t mean you can pick them out of a lineup).
        But I’ll admit we’re a special case.


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