This sunny, optmistic curmudgeon enjoyed the Superbowl’s range of emotions

February is a major pop culture time in the United States with both the Superbowl and The Oscars taking place in the month. I’m not a huge football fan but I do love the Superbowl. I love the commercials and the halftime show. This is is time for which social media was made. You get to watch these events and participate in a large conversation. Sometimes I’m rooting for a team, usually the underdog or the one with a good story. Other times, I’m compelled to watch for other reasons.

This year, I didn’t go in rooting for a specific team. Although, I did live in San Francisco at one point in my life. And, having lived approximately nine years in California makes me a New Yorker with California sensibilities. I’m basically a sunny, optmistic curmudgeon.

I watched the game not rooting for a team but to feel a range of emotions. I love sappy commercials. I love aspirational commercials. I love hearing the National Anthem sung with great zest and feeling. And, Demi Lovato did just that.

This year’s Superbowl came on the heels of my mother’s nine year death anniversary. And, that Loretta ad by Google hit home. The ad was narrated by the grandfather of a Google employee who talks about the love of his life Loretta and his memories of her. Specifically, the ad starts off with a man asking Google “how to not forget” so that he can learn how to keep the memory of his late wife alive. All week I have been reminiscing about my mother and reflecting on her death. The ad spoke to me and to millions of others as well.

Further, the halftime show showcased a vibrant Latino culture. Latina pop queens Shakira and Jennifer Lopez brought immense energy and splash to the halftime show. My mother would have loved the show. She would have been bored by the game but she would have watched it with me to hang out and watch some cool women bring it and catch some sob-inducing commercials. Plus, what a comeback we saw in the last few minutes. That’s why we collectively watch the game.

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  1. SMiLes, PM; Regarding the Super Bowl Half-time
    Show; this may be Politically Incorrect to say but Women
    From Islands and South America Who Dance are ‘the Bomb’!
    Back to the Game; Taking a ‘Philosophy of Sports’ Class in College;
    Typically, For Sports Jocks in the Health, Leisure, and Sports Curriculum;
    one of 3 of my Degrees Studying the Human Condition; along with Anthropology
    And Social Sciences Interdisciplinary; Yes, Sports is a Microcosm of the Human Condition
    As that Relates to Bonds that Bind (Religion/Politics) Both in Competition Arising From our
    Oldest Reptile Brain With A Really Long DraGon ‘Tale’ of Doing Tribal Competition Stuff With Other
    Tribes and Within Tribes as Well for Access to Basic Survival And Subsistence; In Terms of
    Food, Shelter, Safety, Security, Self Esteem of Serotonin Pecking Orders, and of course
    Reproductive Success as well; but Yes, the Limbic System Mammalian Nurturing Brain
    for Cooperation is the Real Glue of Love Headlined by the Neurohormone Oxytocin At
    Best; And then ‘Time’ Comes the Deadlines And Past and Future, in General, of the
    Neo-Cortical Reasoning Mind Fed a Steady Stream of Dopamine With Activities
    that are continuously Intellectually/Physically More Complex And Stimulating;
    but sure, some People skip Human Potentials and Stare at Bright Screens
    with ‘Colorful’ Stuff’ on them ‘Pressing the Cocaine Lever’ at the ‘Gambling
    Casino’ all Day/Night, hehe; Third Brain Neo-Cortex Last to pay Due Respect
    at Best too; to the Shadow And Puppy Eyes Brains First as Yes, this is what
    one does in Balance to Get along
    Best with Our Elder Brains
    Now That And Who Within
    Demand Respect or
    Watch out
    and Heart
    Will most Definitely
    Overcome Reason First
    As NeuroScience Shows
    Anyway now That Intuition
    of Senses/Feelings Drive Reason
    of the NeoCortical Mind
    First as just common
    Sense Really for
    What Elder
    Will do
    As Father ‘God’ Reptile
    Mind; and Mother ‘God’ ‘HeART’
    Mind; With ReaSoN Mind ‘God’ Third of
    the Triune of “God” Minds; Yes, at Best
    Cognitive Executive Functioning of the
    Neo-Cortex ReaSoN Mind as Sons and
    or Daughters in Balance We Do Become
    in Autotelic Flow of Heaven Within in Balance
    Now at Best; It’s true; i didn’t make that much Money
    With those 3 College Degrees; but they were surely a
    First Step For Real To Find Heaven Within and Keep it for Real
    Eternally Now as a Practice of Life that Really Works Consistently Now;
    The Big Problem With Sports is People Quit the Play of Life and Fall to
    Just Being a Spectator of Other Folks Still in the Game of Life for Real
    As They still Orchestrate in Flow A Symphony of the Music of Reality in Tune;
    Writing, Directing, Producing the “Sports (Game) Story” of their Life as
    Actors For Real in L.I.B.E.R.T.Y. “Life Is Better Everywhere ReCreation
    Takes” You; True, the Secret to Heaven Clear as Day in Jock Class For Health,
    For This is
    what the Game
    is All About THE PLAY NOW;
    The Real Super Bowl We Will
    Always Do Now ‘at Best’ in Focus
    With Fearless LoVE iN Courage to
    Give and Share Freer to all others
    And the Rest of Nature for Real too;
    With Yes
    And Harm Now;
    i was not Good at
    Team Sports; i was
    more interested in Watching
    i figured; Give it some decades; i’ll do something
    more CONSTRUCTIVE with it then; AGAIN Just for Fun/Play;
    Meh; all things Done at Least at Best i’m Just a Dancing ‘Cheerleader’ too
    LiVinG NoW iN
    LiGHT of Truth;
    Relatively Speaking
    With Free Will too of course..;)


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