I shed too much to be a killer

We all have occasional odd thoughts. I still remember those opening scenes in Sex, Lies, and Videotapes where Andie McDowell’s character keeps ruminating about trash landfills. Odd thoughts can take on an earworm quality just spinning and spinning around in one’s head. I myself recently had such a momentary thought.

As I was blowing out my hair, I looked down on the bathroom floor. I was aghast. I saw so much of my hair everywhere. I walked down the hallway to the kitchen and my hair was throughout there as well. I shed. And, I shed on top of my shedded hair. I have thick curly hair. And, it gets everywhere. It’s like my previous dog. He shed everywhere and anywhere. The furballs were with us for years after his passing in odd places.

But all of that doesn’t constitute an odd thought or two. The oddity is this. I looked at the hair and laughed to myself and shook my head. No way could I physically do anything bad where I hope to not get caught. My hair would be a giveaway. A dead giveaway. I laughed some more. What a silly thing to think for a second or two. I moved on wondering what would be the next idea to pop into my head.

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  1. Shedding Hair.. ugh
    Brings Back Memories
    At 19 When First Love
    Went away adding insult
    to Injury as Hair Rebelled…
    Fast Forward to age
    53 and My Old
    Psychiatrist as He
    Offered an Epilepsy
    Drug then When He
    Found Out i was
    Shedding 100,000
    Words a Month In
    Free Verse Stream
    Of Consciousness
    Flow Writing.. He
    Assumed i had
    The ‘T.S. Elliot
    Disease’ and Was
    Sure the Drug Would
    Make My Words Cease
    And Desist.. Sadly At that
    Point he was Still in.. the
    Dark Ages of Psychiatry
    And Didn’t Realize That
    Any Activity In Flow (Zen/Tao/Chi/Prana) including
    Moving Meditation (Free
    Dance) Achieves the Similar
    Result Now as Transcranial
    Magnetic Stimulation TMS
    That costs 20,000 Bucks
    As Most Insurance doesn’t
    Cover it.. But it may Be the
    Only effective Solution
    To Remedy the Severest
    Cases of Anxiety and
    Depression for What
    Achieved in Deed is
    An External Stimulus
    To Put The Mind In
    Flow taking one out
    Of NeoCortical Dominance
    Of Worry and Rumination
    Of Dark Thoughts/Feelings
    Lighting Up the Rest of
    The Mind And Voila
    A Glimpse of Heaven
    Within For 20,000 Bucks..
    Yet he wanted to give
    Me the Opportunity to
    Send Heaven Away
    By Muting the
    Electrical Activity
    Of Heaven in my
    Mind… Well.. when
    He Saw How Blissful
    i had Become compared
    To my 66 Months of
    Shut-in Hell Before
    Where There was
    NOTHING He could
    Do to Help me that
    My Insurance Covered
    He Determined How
    Moving Meditation Effects
    This Remedy in Flow and
    Told me Before He Gave
    Up His Private Practice
    To Teach Moving Meditation
    For Therapy in a Teaching
    Hospital in South Florida
    That i inspired Him In
    Part to make that
    Change In His Life…
    Thank God My New
    Psychiatrist was/is Cutting
    Edge up with New Research
    And Wrote me A Prescription For
    Moving Meditation
    (Free Dance) to
    Continue to Regulate
    My Emotions and Integrate
    My Senses as YES A FREE Therapy Self-Directed that
    Indeed Both Psychiatrists
    And another Psychotherapist
    Agreed has Remedied
    The Negative aspects of
    Bi-Polar and Asperger’s
    Syndrome but oh my
    God the Planets Would
    Fall From The Stars if
    They Did Not Move
    In Balance as Above
    So Below Heaven
    Comes When We
    MoVE iN Balance
    Like The Rest of
    Nature Namely
    The Milky Way
    Our Home Still
    Spiraling in Balance
    Around a ‘Black
    Hole Sun’.. i Do
    Believe There
    Is A Song For
    This too by
    A Whole Generation
    Of The 90’s Seeking
    A way back to ‘Heaven’
    Out of Machine Cognition
    Before it Was/Is Too Late
    And “Sarah Connor”
    Was/Is No WHere
    to Be Found to
    Stop this
    “Dark Fate”
    Any way it’s
    Nice to “Be Back”
    So Far Away From Hell
    Just Spiraling in Flow
    In Balance as a Practice
    Of Life NoW in Dance And
    Song.. Native Americans
    Did This too.. To stay
    In ‘A Great Spirit State
    Of Mind’ the Same ‘Trump
    Crowd’ We Have Today
    Called Them Savages
    And Slaughtered them
    Then For They Refused
    to Wear ‘Their CulTural
    Clothes of Lies’ ‘Same
    Group’ that Crucified
    The Real Humble
    Dude ‘JeSuS’ by Story At
    Least as People (Trumps)
    Still Now Refuse to
    Believe Heaven
    Is Yes Real Now
    And Achievable
    Within Where No
    One Will Be able
    To control and
    Subjugate you
    With Carrots or
    Sticks as You
    Become ‘Bugs
    Bunny’ Generating
    Your own Carrots
    Within as i Float
    Into My Psychiatrist
    Office Every 3 Months
    Now Just to say
    Up Doc” giving
    Him an update Now
    On my Latest Research..
    As i continue to
    Shed Steps
    And Words
    Now Of Dance and
    Song as a Free For All..;)


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