Pondering the quantum mechanics of it all

Quell, quiet the noise

Send quivers into the storm

Pondering the quantum mechanics of it all

Hungrily quaffing all in sight

Question reality

The self can be quizzed

Quicken the pace of introspection

To be quirky is to be free

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  1. “Pondering the Quantum Mechanics oF iT All”
    Hope You Don’t Mind that i used this as ‘Open Source Code’..
    My God! Yes! A Poem! Unto Itself this Is Surely For All…!
    SMiLes.. Quantum Mechanics is Proof ‘Mushrooms Exist”…
    For me at least; i don’t Need Mushrooms, LSD, and that ‘Other Stuff’ to Arrive
    i AM Center
    of Existence
    Without Distance,
    Space, Time, Or Matter;
    Matters Not as ‘They’ Say
    by the way so excited about
    the Opening of Star Wars Today
    As i understand Luke Skywalker Rises
    Again; 9th Part of three Trilogies Today,
    12.20.19, That Movie Shows Essence over
    Form The Substance of Eternity Now
    The Force; The Energy; That is
    No Time, Distance, Space or
    Matter; True, We are “Not
    this Crude Matter” too;
    to directly Quote
    Yoda too;
    And sure, even
    the Mystical Aspect
    off Many Religions around
    the World That and Who See
    Eternity Now again without Distance,
    Space, Time, Or Matter; Simply i am Love the Force
    if ya wanna use that metaphor with Endless Colors
    Still to come of course in the Present Gift of NoW ALL THaT exTists…
    Anyway; Quantum Mechanics
    Also Leans Toward
    “Intelligent Design”
    For the Potential
    That ‘Bill Gates’ Is ‘God’;
    True; Geeks and Nerds already
    Really Respect that Man; His Hardware
    And Software Blows Blows up too much for
    me; i’ll take ‘the Apple’ for i’ve Never Found iMac to Bite the
    Dust; Hard Drive, yes; but Software Keeps going as long as
    the Hardware Supports it; Anyway; Reality as a Holographic
    Simulation points to the Reality of Intelligent Design otherwise
    beyond our Reach; “Entity of Creation Now’ that might as well be named ‘God’;
    Even if ‘He’
    is a Pimply
    Face Nerd
    Like Bill Gates
    or Fabulous Moody
    Geek like Steve Jobs;
    i suppose ‘God’ Might be
    A bit of All oF THat more; sure, bytes too..:)


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