It was cold and she was alive

She loved making snow angels. She loved the feel of the movement with cold snow underneath her body. She felt invigorated.

She was making her angels while singing the Smiths. The two things were somewhat opposite in how they framed her mindset. But they each jazzed her up. After finishing the angels, she headed to the gazebo and completely undressed. She then ran and jumped into the water. It was cold and she was alive. Alive and free. She licked the coldness and kept it close to her heart.

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  1. Old Anxieties Remembering
    Those Who Have
    Come and Gone
    With Yuletide
    In Sunset
    Dreams once
    Close.. Blessings
    Of Loved One’s Stay
    When Christmas Spirit Lost.. Brave of Love Holding On ‘till Ice
    A Hug
    To Souls
    With no
    Yuletide Spring..
    Forgiveness for
    Being Human
    DarK Thru
    LiGHT Ice
    SKaTinG HEaRTS..:)


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