May god be with them

We all have quirks and rituals. I grew up loving baseball and that is a sport filled with very superstitious players. They have all sorts of rituals to “help” them win as well as avoid injuries. For instance, outfielder Alou urinates on his hands throughout the season in order to avoid callouses. Or so it has been reported. Did he admit to this? Oh my. Some players eat a particular meal before a game. Whether it is chicken, stew, or corn pops. It is all part of the belief they must do it in order to win.

Before flying, my ritual used to consist of calling my mom. Before every flight. Every flight. I also had to call her as soon as I landed. For ten years I travelled a lot for work. Thus this meant that I talked to her often. When she passed away, I was left empty in many ways including not knowing who to call before my flight.

Now, I have another flying ritual. Although, it is not for me. Whenever I see a flight taking off (and I do quite often in New York) I say “may god be with them.” I have no idea when I started doing this but I do. I believe I do it partly because that is what my mother would have said upon seeing a flight take off. And, I feel that I have to do it. I am not too sure this makes me quirky but I sure do know it is now quite automatic on my part. I suppose that in terms of quirks, there are worse ones.

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  1. “Quirks”.. i have a Couple.. 9.21.81.. Ran in Reverse Around the Local Area for
    3 Months (Went Back to College After That ‘Fall’ Break Down)

    7.19.13.. Commenced the Start of in one Month And 7 Days What would Hence Be 76 Months of Reverse
    to Spiraling Dance.. the Distance of Half the Globe In 500 Miles or so Span on the Lower Bible Belt of The Gulf Coast originating In Florida out of 77 Months To Date
    Today in Heaven
    Within (Hypomania
    In Terms of APA)…

    Oh yeah.. 7.6 MiLLioN
    Words Writing Long Form
    Poem Bible ‘SonG oF mY
    SoUL’ In 76 Months.. Crashing the Word
    Press Reader on
    Mobile Platforms
    Each Week Practically
    Impossible to open
    Each Weekly 30K Word
    Chapter With 300 High
    Def Photos…

    One More thing.. With
    Asperger’s Syndrome i
    Tend to Flood Folks
    TalKinG About my
    Repetitive Restrictive
    Special Interests…

    Riding my Bike as a
    Child Hands Free i
    Repetitively Blessed
    Myself With the
    ‘Sign of the

    Some ‘Things’
    Never Change….(End)

    i am Ending the 9th out
    Of 9 Old King James Size
    Bibles as Subtitled Subchapters of ‘SonG
    Of mY SoUL’ Named
    ‘Grand Cross Bible 2019’
    This Week…Before i
    Begin Another one…

    Perhaps more than
    Quirks… It Appears
    Now that i Am
    ‘Super Freaky’…

    Happy Holidays
    To You And All
    Your Loved ones!

    This is my Version
    Of A Christmas Card…
    i send them Repetitively
    Year ‘Round.. to Complete Strangers Around the World.. i Have
    ‘Santa Syndrome’
    Too… other Folks
    CaLL iT A ‘Complex’..;)


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