Honor your calling by drowning out the noise

I had a really difficult time falling asleep. Not just last night. It has been so the past two weeks. One can say I’m running on fumes. I had to step back and tell myself it was ok to just sit and listen to my thoughts. When you are running around and around to and fro, it is hard to listen to oneself. It’s even harder when you haven’t had much sleep.

When you are tired but wide awake you look for ways to numb yourself to sleep. I watch bad television shows. I read gossip columns and spoiler websites. I do that all in an effort to tire myself out to the point where my eyes just can’t stay open. But in doing so, I fill my head with noise. We all do this. If we aren’t trying to tire ourselves out, we worry and fret about small and large problems. Again, filling our heads with noise.

If we are to fill minds with noise, it should be about our potential. Should take those noisy moments and quiet them with contemplation as to what is one’s calling.

It is never to late to try to honor that calling. And, as Oprah noted that is when you can become most truly alive. And, I bet that is when sleep can truly come.

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  1. “Static” At Sunset on… AM When one Will Barely
    Hear ‘the Mexican Radio Station’ True Our Minds
    Get This ‘AM Static’ too the Beauty Comes with
    Balance in Harmony When All of Life A Dance
    Becomes A Song of Peace Smiles Twilight Now
    Never Ends A Dance Takes Me THere Waves
    River Water Ocean Whole
    And the Song Comes Free…
    if i could Give A Teaspoon
    of what i never then could find
    before now to Billionaires surely
    They Will give most of it all away
    for what is found What Lasts Eternally
    NoW iN LiGHT of TWiLiGHT as DarK
    Becomes LiGHT Eternally Now More…
    Smiles as
    i continue
    to make
    This Call Alive… PM..:)

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  2. I like the idea of a calling. I also think that we do not have just one calling in our lives. Perhaps some people do but I feel I have had more than one calling over the course of my 70 years. I hope you will soon be sleeping well.

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