I serve as my dog’s taste tester

My current dog, Winston, is vastly different from my previous dog. Vastly different in every way imaginable. Winston is a bit anxious. Well, very anxious in car rides, elevators and around skateboarders. Living in Los Angeles with him, as a result, was a little stressful in that we had to calm him down a lot. But, he is a loving dog and my son adores him.

My previous dog was very outgoing and daring. And, a lover of apple pie. He might have even loved apple pie more than meat. I loved that about him. He had a voracious appetite and would just scarf down any food. Winston, on the other hand, is a bit more skeptical about food. He loves snacks. However, he doesn’t dive right in.

While at the dinner table, I often offer Winston a bite here and there. Instead of immediately biting into it and eating it, he sniffs at it and looks at me. I then take a bite and eat it so that he can see it’s ok to eat. He then, and only then, eats what I have offered him. I used to think that my previous dog was a diva because he demanded I blow dry him after a walk out in the rain. However, Winston is giving him a run for his money in terms of being a diva.

Winston treats me as if I am to be his taste-tester. Which is wonderful considering that being a taste can pay over $100,000 a year according to Glassdoor. And, Domino’s pizza is looking to hire taste-testers for its new garlic bread. That only pays $20 an hour. But considering that I do it for free for my dog, I should maybe look to get paid for it. Of course, I’m more than happy to do it for my dog. I don’t know if he’s worried the offered food will be gross but I can certainly demonstrate how yummy it can be. I see this as a bonding experience for us two. Me and my dog tasting and savoring the world one bit at a time.

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