Goodbye to you

Excitedly looking to the future

Eagerly awaiting a grand change

Circles upon circles I strolled

Saw fiery red circles

Heard bombastic rumors

All you offered was a frontal suture

Denials were a firing range

Ego trips was all you doled

On the back of your monster squirrels

With no ironic sense of humor

I offer a goodbye to you

Which is nicer than you deserve

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  1. Rorschach Test Life overall is a Rorschach Test At Best A Poetry
    Prompt of Hope Versus the Child Neglected And Abused through
    Invalid in the Nursing Home Who Was Loved All their Life
    And then Chronically Neglected And Abused at the End
    despite all the Love They Gave in their Life as
    All those Beautiful Assumptions
    Of Life May Return
    or Begin in
    the BLacK
    Abyss of Fear
    in Harm through Hate away from
    Hope the Assumption of Love Real
    Smiles i’ve been told i am loved most
    in one week and also told good bye for
    Offering a Concern that is an intuitive gut
    feeling for impending doom for someone
    i loved.. for me at least there is always the
    Potential of see you later as i understand
    where i’ve been and where others may still
    be traveling through too.. It’s the Beautiful
    Scars that are often the ugliest Hiding in Fire
    And there are days the Fire Just won’t go out
    Anyway It’s easier to stop caring now in a World
    where all one needs is a few letters of Rorschach
    to get the Definition of God/Love From Google for it’s
    True Life is Painting Brush and Paint We Create Each Day
    At Best For Giving Thanks Giving When Love Becomes Reality
    of Hope
    Assumption of Fear
    That may lead to either
    A Reality of Harm or Place of Hate
    Depending on Where a Person is From: to: Love
    And to Be Clear the Love of Kindness Thanks Giving For Giving
    Not Love of Owning that only Looks to TaKinG Giving to ‘FeeL Empty’…
    Trivia Note: Savior of the Rest of Nature From Humans Leading to their ultimate
    extinction is the boy without ‘affect’ in the basement who Created ‘Facebook’ so folks could
    Politics and
    Religion forgetting
    why we didn’t do it in the past..
    There is no longer any hiding it
    At Thanks Giving Dinner Just eyes of Daggers…
    or Forgiveness and Understanding but there are
    too many other
    ‘dishes’ to eat…
    Nature (God)
    to Balance
    Movement and RePose
    Waves Raging to Ocean
    Whole Calm Waters
    A Pebble
    in a Pond
    is all Now
    Humans are
    We Fail to
    see We
    All only Ocean
    At Best NoW With
    SMiLes of See You Later..:)

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