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Indulging myself with bread pudding and burrata: Sign of the times

We live in a time when indulgences are all the rage. Everywhere we turn we are afforded an opportunity to indulge ourselves. The whole Netflix and chill evening is an indulgence. We get to binge watch television shows to the point that we can avoid advertisements and don’t have to wait for weeks to get a resolution to a cliffhanger. Even when we record a show now there’s a smart resume function in which you can hit the fast forward button and it resumes on its own. It skips the commercials for you and stops right at the restart of the show. It is a convenience and an indulgence in a nontraditional way.

We have become so structured around indulgences that there are now “permissible indulgences.” When you go on a diet, you are allowed to indulge. I get it. I’m not passing judgment. I like indulgences. I am not going to pretend otherwise. Regardless, some are noting that more food indulgences are rising as a counter to wellness narratives. It could be that the all-day breakfast restaurant menus are yet another indulgence sign-of-the-times. Others argue that our lives are so stressful that indulgences are rising so as to alleviate said stress. And indulgences are broadly defined. Or at least, I define them broadly as evidenced by my labeling of the fast resume DVR function as an indulgence.

I myself like a lot of indulgences. Shoes being some of my top indulgences. However, today I went old-school with my indulgence. I had a particularly highly stressful week. Actually, it wasn’t stressful. It was just a week of long hours, little sleep, high pressure and the need to quickly pivot. I wanted to buy shoes but somehow restrained myself. Actually, I just didn’t have time to shop. Thus, instead, I treated myself to an extremely nice, flavorful large meal.

Besides my entree, I treated myself to both burrata and bread pudding. The latter being one of my favorite things. If I were a food-oriented Oprah talk show host, everyone in my audience would get bread pudding. I suppose people would rather get a car but for me, bread pudding will do. I’m a simple girl in that respect. I indulged myself to the point where I needed a nap. My body had been clamoring for sleep and my indulgence gave it what it needed. Funny how things work out.

Indulgences play an important role in society. How they get framed and manifest continously changes. Each generation brings on a new one en masse. I myself am happy with my current crop of indulgences. However, I do look forward to new ones just as long as I always have the option of shoes and bread pudding.

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