I’m happy and you can be salty about it

For the past two weeks, I have had the Spanish phrase “mala fe” running through my daily consciousness. Popping up in my interactions with a select group of people. The phrase could literally be translated as bad faith. However, it means more that someone bears you ill will. And, that is what I have been staring in the eye of a select few. And, it is not so much that these individuals hate me. I do not believe that to be the case. They just aren’t as happy about my happiness as I am. And, that is a bit exhausting for me.

I’m happy to see the beautiful foliage. The greenery all around me fills me with glee. Yet, a few of my California friends keep asking me how I’m handling the cold weather. I’m handling it just fine as it is not cold yet. It’s brisk. But I’m not wrapped up in a parka. I am just happily taking in the green, yellow, and orange leaves.

I’m happy to be reconnecting with some of my old work. I’m happy to be the new chair of a committee in the public health field. I’m happy to be planning how to do all this. Yet, a few have given me some looks signaling I shouldn’t so happily talk about all these new things happening in my life. Sure, I’m moving on from some things and that may lead some to wonder about their own steps. However, that shouldn’t mean I need to censor myself. Yet, some may desire that.

I’m not going to try to make anyone feel bad. I don’t need to push others down to prop myself up. I just want to show my happiness and be happy with that. I promise I won’t be irrationally exuberant.

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  1. It’s Funny KNoW it’s
    Sad How People
    Will Try So Hard
    To Take away What
    They Really Want Most
    In Life… It’s True in the United
    States we Have a Declaration of
    Independence that Declares A Right
    To Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…
    WHere is Life And or Liberty Without the Pursuit of
    Happiness that is Near and Dear to Each Individual Flavor
    of Joy that may Differ yet be practiced in Avenues that Harm
    no one else… It’s
    True the Jealousy
    of that Happiness
    was/is so Great that
    People Literally Created
    Idol Gods of Words to take
    that Individual Freedom of way
    in Favor of Group Think that Hoards
    With Greed of Take More Than Give ever
    Since We Stored Grains in Silos more ‘than’ ‘them’ As
    US Conservatively SPeaKinG of Course true that is Nature
    too but Liberal Love Frees Wings Away from PriSons of GRain more
    it depends on if those who are Earth Bound Will See a Need for Wings
    And sure it depends
    on if those who
    are Flight
    Will see the
    Need of Sails for
    Anchors in Safe Harbors
    the Boats We All are to Survive
    Raging Storms of Desert ScarCities too..
    Yet Still THeRE Are US Who Thrive With Angel Wings Higher…
    Yes.. Those of US Who ‘Break Free’ Like ‘Swing Out Sisters’ As That Is
    A Most Positive MeMe TheMe of A Song i Will FeeL and Sense for THiS Now..:)


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