Sliding doors in New York

Many moons ago I may have caught the film Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow. I honestly can’t remember seeing it but I know the plot fairly well. Then again, it is not that hard to figure out. Two possible life trajectories that depend on whether she makes the train or not. At first, it seems it is for the best that she catches the train. However, seems in the the long run she was better off missing it. We never know how one step in a particular direction can completely alter one’s life. Just a few weeks back, it seems that my supremely late arrival to a meeting (which is completely unlike me as I tend to be the person who always arrives early) worked in my favor wildly changing my life course ahead. One door slides open, while another closes.

Speaking of sliding doors, I had a chuckle this weekend at the concept of sliding doors in New York. Whether you have such doors for your closet can mean the difference between sleeping in a king versus a queen bed. It’s true. And, it is funny and a very New York thing. Apartments are small in New York. Everyone knows that. And, every inch counts. Bedrooms can be extremely tiny to the point that all you can fit is a bed.

I looked at some apartments this weekend to reconnect with my beloved city. As we were in one apartment, the leasing agent excitedly advised me that they were going to put in sliding doors for the bedroom closet. I smiled at her and nodded. And, then I got it. If the closet doors were to swing open no way could I fit a king bed. I then proceeded to really get into the sliding door conversation. We finished the tour after calculating all the small nooks that one could use to store items.

We went downstairs to the market and bought some Japanese treats, an egg/ham/cheese on a roll, as well as a dollar pizza slice. Actually, we didn’t but we could have. That’s New York.

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  1. I have barn doors on my 2 closets, so I’d say I have sliding doors, eh?
    Funny you mentioned the egg/ham & cheese on a roll, today is National Sandwich Day here.


  2. Living in the Most
    Conservative Area
    In the US it’s still
    Just A Short Drive
    To A Bigger City
    Mall Where ‘they’
    Have more
    Colors of
    Pizza than
    Who moved
    my Trump Cheese..
    But Still no New
    York New York
    Dollar Slice
    Unless you
    Buy in Walmart Bulk 🍕


  3. Some five years ago we made the decision to come to the United Kingdom from South Africa. Best move we ever made – life changing. The biggest struggle has been space. SA homes and apartments are incredibly spacious, whereas UK homes, the opposite. Never been so conscious of space before, so I know something of what you’re talking about.


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