Maybe her gift was a bit eccentric

The stores were starting to close for the night. She needed to hurry if she was going to find a last-minute gift for tonight’s festivities.

She wasn’t thrilled about going to the party but she figured she needed to challenge herself. She needed to have more adventures in life. She needed to find her purpose, as well. But who was keeping track? Well, she was. Anyone, who knew her saw the desperation seeping out of her eyes. She wore her misery. She wore her ennui.

She went into the wig shop and bought the party’s host a cool gray/pink wig. Maybe her gift was a bit eccentric but the hostess would love it. That she was sure of. She grabbed her shopping bag and sauntered on the cobblestones. She pulled out the wig and put it on. She mounted the nearby scooter and took off to never return. It was rude of her to leave her guests hanging without a hostess but they would be just fine. And, now she will as well.

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