Felt this strange compulsion to buy a jumpsuit

Sometimes one has to be silly. Sometimes one has to be non-traditional. Sometimes one has to break out of a long-standing pattern. One can do so by many means. And for what it is worth, many people already feel that I do such things. I suppose compared to them, I do indeed. But, even I am set in many ways.

Most know I never wear jeans. I’m always in a dress and super high heels. And, thus I’m seen as somewhat unconventional. Which doesn’t make sense to me but I let that perception stand. If they think I’m fashionable I am cool with that. This weekend I am to go to a gala event. Excitedly, I went shopping. I already had my dress for the event but I wanted to see what else I could consider. Plus, I needed another pair of shoes. Just don’t ask me how many I have for I will plead the fifth.

As I shopped I came across two dresses that spoke to me. They spoke to me despite not being my usual look. One was a leather dress. I’ve never owned one. I picked it up and sized it up. And, I decided to purchase it. I thought it would be cool to break with my tradition of flowing and flared dresses. I fugured the year 2020 is soon approaching and it would be great to honor such a year with a possible new look. Then, as I kept shopping I came across a shimmery jumpsuit. I’ve never worn one. Ever. I’ve always associated such an outfit with tall people. And, while I am not short, I am not tall. But I felt this strange compulsion to buy it. I couldn’t put it back. I needed to have it. I bought both items.

The next morning I tried on the items. Yes, I did not try on the clothes at the store. I never do. And, I don’t return things either. Thus, when I bought these two items that fall outside of my repertoire, I knew I would be keeping them. Now whether I would ever wear them is another matter. But as I tried them on with my six inch heels, I felt tall. I felt confident. I had swagger. It may have been the three cups of coffee but I loved the new looks. And, I will be wearing them in the coming week. The year 2020 is going yo be an interesting one if I am already so impacted.

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  1. SMiLes i find this Post a bit inspiring..
    i am surely Non-Traditional Where i live
    Record Book for the Most Churches per
    Square Mile 85 Percent of my Town Voted
    for a ‘Father of All Lies’ telling them to their
    Minion Faces they would vote for the Most Despicable
    Leader even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue Funny
    How Movie/Story/Bible/Myth Archetypes For Real Self-Fulfill
    come True
    over and
    over and
    Over again
    for even with 2020
    Vision His Words Will Ring
    True and He Will Hit the Devil’s
    Jackpot in Church Land Again
    Landing 85 Percent of the
    Vote as A Sure thing
    anyway Ballet
    Toes give
    me a
    Advantage with
    Already Standing Over
    6 Feet Tall and 240 Pounds
    of Ballet Dude as i mix a bit
    of Free Style Martial Arts in with
    my Barnes and Noble Meditation Swagger Dance
    Last Night Reading A Book on Yoga appropriately
    While i am Experiencing Union With THE ALL Center
    Point Balance.. Beyond All Distance.. Space.. Time
    or Matter as Quantum Mechanics and Others Suggest
    Now A Much Higher Intelligence Creates the Illusion now
    of Reality that May Be a HoloGram of Existence Eternally
    Hehe in that case we are ‘The Mail’ So Two of ‘The Locals’
    Seeing me Reading Dancing And yes Listening to Meditative
    Music that is a bit Unusual from View of the Star Bucks Crowd
    With Eyes Glued to Notebook Screens on Saturday Night Book Fever in
    Barnes and Nobles Free Wi-Fi Glee.. OMG ‘These Local Folks’ asked if i enjoyed
    Summoning Demons Like i was Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight for
    Believing in the
    ‘Power of
    in Summoning
    Demons unto me..
    as You Might Imagine
    they will never be the same
    after they received a 1-Hour Fred-Talk Yes
    Like Everyone else in Barnes and Nobles too…
    amongst the Wi-Fi Crowd Lost in Bright Screens..
    it’s safe to say it was unusual enough non-Traditional
    Enough where no one complained as my Voice Carried
    Across the Books.. on other hands perhaps they were afraid
    of my Demons or Better Yet the Swagger that Ballet Toes add
    to height in my Case Another Foot Close to Adam’s Family Lurch Size hehe..
    i tried to explain to them that i am Just a ManServant one of many many folks
    named Labels Like Jesus and Buddha and Lao Tzu and sure Dancing Shiva too
    and my God Yes Kali Dancing as the Devil in the Pale Moonlight as i was wearing
    my Rolling Stone’s Concert T-Shirt with my ‘Kali Tongue’ pointed Directly at ‘them’…
    Huge and Bright Red…
    they didn’t
    i am
    A ‘Real Amazing
    Joker’ at least not at first.. hehe..
    they guessed i was 37 Years-Old
    a bit younger than the 60 that is coming..
    i suggested they try on Love For Size and Never age..
    just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t make Firsts impossible as Last..
    And On Top of that Science Shows that Meditative Movement not only Slows the
    Aging of our Brain where a Cross Section of a 50 Year-Old Meditator Brain reflects
    the Youth of a 25-Year Old Brain but Also Regenerates Grey Matter Regulates
    Emotions Integrates Senses Bringing an Autotelic Flow of Bliss And Nirvana and
    Chi and Prana in Dharma of Laser Focus Just different Languages for An Essence
    of a Kingdom of Heaven We Master Within through a Bio-Feedback of a Free Style
    No Lessons
    Required no Fred-Talks
    Like Every Other Animal
    Who Doesn’t Get Lost in Words
    or Screens Just the Bliss and ‘Let
    it Go’ And Fly You as the Wind Does and
    Swim You As The River Does Ocean Whole
    too as Water Wave Ocean Whole Eternally
    now like the Coolest Hologram Ever With Swagger too..
    i didn’t get to the Technical Science SPeak PArt of ‘my Religion’
    as We closed the place down with their Hands on my Head trying
    their best to save their Soul..
    to be so lost
    so far away from Heaven now..
    as they walked away i Heard them
    Snicker i went up to the Young Man
    And Whispered in his Ear got a Secret
    i’m really Jesus met him in the Parking
    Lot with His ‘Helicopter Older Mother’
    And said that’s Just a Metaphor You
    Are Jesus too as Long as You Become LoVE iNcarnate
    too.. imagine a place who Votes for Trump becoming Incarnate
    Love Fat Chance in Hell Slim Odds indeed EYes of Needles Camels Same..
    A One
    Religion of Love
    Dances and Sings
    So Nice With no Words at all..
    Anyway.. Hehe the rest of the B And N
    Saturday Night Book Fever Crowd Traditionally
    No Longer Wonders if i have a Voice either HAha
    Longer/Louder than a ‘Joker Dance’.. Meh.. Dance AlReaDy Sings iT aLL..;)

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