Look at those around you

There are signs everywhere and in everything. Stop. One way. Don’t turn right. But so many people miss them. Walk right on by. Drive through. Never look up. And those are the signs on the streets meant to keep us safe. There are other types of signs. I often advise individuals I don’t like being blindsided. Who does? It’s not a good feeling.

But I am very aware of my environment. If I am blindsided it’s that it was deliberately done by someone. Till this day, I remember quite well where I was when I received the blindsides of all blindsides. It hurt. I felt out of breath. I grieved. I still do. And, I hold that pain in my memory bank.

However, there are also those who were blindsided because they never looked up. They didn’t pay attention to the signs. Just the same way you should look up from your phone while crossing the street, you should really look at those around you. Look for warning signs. Look for sadness. Look for happiness. Look for glee. Look at those who won’t look at you.

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