Time does not heal all wounds

I am not a big fan of comedies. I love drama, science fiction, and action genres – to name a few. I may even like dramadies. Comedy? Not so much. I do love to laugh, however. I’m constantly laughing. I joke a lot. People say I have a sunny disposition. Thus, I can appreciate comedy in my personal life. As a matter of fact, there is this quote that “tragedy plus time equals comedy.” There’s something to that which has gotten me through life. There are many points in life that I now can look back upon and see the “funny” that I couldn’t then. It’s somewhat healthy. Now how much time needs to pass between a tragic situation and a new comedic lens is an individual thing.

Now, while tragedy can be lessened with time and even become comedic, time most certainly doesn’t heal all wounds. Some wounds will forever be gaping. Some wounds will reopen despite “stitches”. Some wounds will disappear and reappear. It’s a thing. And, some will indeed heal. But it would be unfair to think all wounds heal. Such a belief may give you heartburn or more tears. What is important is to develop healthy coping strategies or points of distraction.

But to put another spin on this concept, sometimes there are things you just cannot get over. Whether you hold onto it as a lesson learned. Or you need that wound to remind you that you are human. You may be motivated to heal the wound but it may take a lot more work than just time. You can try to find the humor in it and maybe that just comes with time and/or self-reflection. But allow yourself to feel that wound but don’t be hindered by it.

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  1. I think these wounds you speak of that time doesn’t heal, are a constant reminder of our vulnerability, our sensitivity and empathy towards others. They become the medication that brings healing and humanity to others, and by this, I don’t mean that obsessive and almost neurotic preoccupation with our pain. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you.


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