I woke up to rivers and roads

I used to have very vivid dreams. A long time ago I dreamt I was eating a burger and I woke up mid-dream with my hands in burger-holding formation. That was amazingly intense especially since back then I didn’t eat meat. I woke up that day wondering if my body was trying to tell me something. Actually, I often wake up that way. I’m an early bird and always have been. And, as such, I have wondered whether my vivid dreams were a way of preparing for the early sun. Regardless, not only did I wake up way too early but I also woke up humming a song. One that was an earworm within my dream.

I woke up singing that “Nothing is as it was”. I don’t know whether that is true or not. But I do know that the lyric comes from a song called Rivers and Roads. And to me it is a hauntingly familiar song. I always want to take the rivers and roads on out to a new world and adventure. I also want to take them to that which is familiar and embedded in my soul. There are times when we scan our past and possible future paths. As a New Yorker, I’m always literally looking ahead. I keep my eyes on up two blocks ahead. I always like to assess for minefields and opportunities. A sidewalk sale. An angry mob. Perhaps both. And, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

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  1. OMG Yes That Dream too WHere You Are Driving ACross A Bridge
    And Ocean Over takes the Bridge What in the World Do You Do..
    You Swim…
    if You are a Good
    Swimmer you Live
    if Not you Die.. Life
    is like that so Swim With SMiLes..
    MaKinG Sure You are the best Swimmer You Will Be..
    Try Different Styles Create New Ones Try a New Art like
    Flying on Terrestrial
    Earth in Float
    Why not
    it is
    that rarely Floods..
    When i say you of course
    i don’t mean you.. you are the
    Psychologist… i am just one of many clients for free.. hehe..
    haha.. i see a Psychotherapist once a Month and a Psychiatrist
    Quarterly as of today as well my lesson plan is ready there is no real
    you’ve really
    been ‘An’ Amazing Joker
    that movie is like Medicine
    for the ill(S) of the Human Condition(S) that’s real..
    Usually my ‘Counselors’ ‘get the joke’ they are so cool..
    Obviously the Ivory Tower Reviewers of that Movie didn’t
    Get the Joke(S)
    Pure Genius
    Pure Real
    Mad Genius..
    SMiLes Happy FLYinG..:)


      • True not
        Gets A Joke
        Yet i Dance
        Yet i Sing
        too Happy
        to Worry About
        Smiling Leaving
        All Painted Masks
        Behind and By God
        For some At least
        So Scary i Need
        No Costume isn’t it
        Ironic How Some
        Folks Embrace
        ‘Trumps’ And
        Shy away
        From Love
        So Strong
        It Does not
        Have to put
        on A Happy Face…
        Smiles.. that way
        People Appreciate
        ‘Superman’s Smile’
        For it is Intense
        Laser Focused
        When it
        And only
        A SMiLe
        For even the
        Sun Will Shy
        A W A Y Now
        Perhaps just
        Mania of Love
        But at Least
        Are Real
        And Super
        Normal when
        They come ‘these
        Days’ More than ever..:)


  2. I’ve had many vivid dreams but never involving a hamburger! I generally dream that I have to pee and can’t find a toilet and when I do it’s on some stage in front of thousands of people. Then I wake up and find out – my dream is true. I do have to pee!


  3. I just did my first planned excursion on Maggie, the Airwheel S8. I went to the doctor’s office to get my flu shot.

    The sidewalks and roads are so bumpy and crevassed! Going in and out of dappled shade made it difficult to decide when to leave the dark glasses on, and when to remove them. I had to scan from a few feet ahead to whole city blocks ahead. People left their garbage cans completely blocking the sidewalks – and most driveway aprons are not smooth ramps into the street, but built to accommodate gutters for rainwater. Manhole covers can be completely hidden by leaves.

    I know what you’re talking about.


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