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New Yorkers are actually quite happy people

Many people often tire of me saying how great New York is. However, a plurality of those who do so tire, are not New Yorkers and are jealous. Yes, I said that. Californians were quite often exasperated by my NY pronouncements. Notably, though, there are great qualities to California. But I’m a New Yorker. The city itself makes me happy. Have you ever watched the television show Cheers? If not, I’m about to spoil the ending. Sam doesn’t marry Diane and, instead, returns to Cheers the bar in Boston. Norm who was always a Cheers fixture, tells Sam (in the next to last scene) that he knew Sam would return to Boston for it was his “one true love”, saying: “You’ll always come back to her.” No matter how many times I leave NY, I come back. Or so I hope for the future.

Just a week ago, I was walking briskly from Grand Central to Penn Station. Yes, I could have taken the subway, but I love walking the city streets of New York. And, lo and and behold there was a parade. There is always a celebration. I don’t know why people don’t see how happy New Yorkers really are. Well, people do note that about me and believe I am an outlier. Not true.

It was a parade to honor Casimir Pulaski. Who is he? His name is only all over New York. Pulaski is remembered as a hero who fought for independence and freedom in both Poland and the United States. Not only is there always a celebration in New York, but there are celebrations to acknowledge the contributions of a wide spectrum of individuals. Just another reason to love the big apple!

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  1. Being a New Yorker is a singular thing and those who aren’t never get it. Especially the happiness. Everyone thinks we’re surly and rude, but those depictions are a Hollywood invention. Is it a coincidence that New Yorkers get a bad rep because of a construct created by Californians? I’ll let you decide.


  2. I never found people to be rude when I was in NYC. They are necessarily very focused on what they are doing, where they are going and dodging cabs in the street, but I talked to numerous folks and all were quite polite, if not downright friendly.


  3. Pleasures of ‘Gotham’ what i Love Best is all the Colors Now…
    The Cultures intermingling the Human Diversity Dancing and
    Singing off so many Different Choir Sheets of Life..
    For It’s True often Beauty Does LiVE iN
    Eyes of Beholders Different EYes
    that see more Colors
    than White
    on Northern
    Farms in
    Where i LiVE iN
    Now True THeRe are
    Paradises of Nature and
    Paradises of Human those that
    are Human Paint a City more than
    One Color And Are Not afraid to take
    Bites out of Apples never tasted before..
    True though i refuse to Leave a Forest
    Backyard.. Love the People but too
    much Concrete Stifles my Green
    to each her and or HiS own true
    so much depends on
    Where we are raised
    too Go Figure while folks
    still Live in the Desert Go Figure
    Why People like me LiVE iN Paradise
    of Nature side by side Ignorance that refuses to See Colors..
    Keeping my smiles in Pity.. There are so many ways of Colors Blindness and Seeing Colors
    more New York New York.. and with that said i’ll leave my original never sung version before..
    There’s a First for everything i never thought i would Sing New York New York or ever wanna visit..
    i think you’ve
    convinced me
    of the benefits
    outweighing the
    Concrete for it’s
    true i keep my EYeS
    And EarS oPen not afraid to Explore Now
    New York New York is Just A Dance And
    Song of Explorers who are not afraid to
    Veer off the Old Sheet Music oF Old
    i promise you by the End of the
    Song at least one person will
    Scream ‘American
    Idol’ in Jest
    i usually
    StART off
    Slow and
    end up with a PartY of ApplOz
    New York New York Love that Sound
    And Sight ALL ThE LiGHT And DarK iS SMiLes to me…:)


  4. I feel like this about London. I remembering visiting New York and it was magnificent. One of the things that struck me was a kind of a underlying and soft roar of the city. I’ll never forget that.


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