Sixty new ice: A random phrase with meaning

I just watched the season premiere episode of the Nancy Drew reboot. I didn’t really know what to expect. I will share a secret with you. I never read the Nancy Drew stories as a kid. Or, at least I have no recollection of that. I read a lot of books as a kid as books allowed me a way to escape some of the harsh realities growing up poor. But, Nancy Drew just wasn’t one of those book series I read. How about this for insight? Catcher in the Rye was one of my favorite books. Anyway, as such I had no expectations for this new television show. Twenty minutes into the show, I decided to look up the online reviews and was shocked at the intense hatred some people expressed about Nancy Drew. I’m not too sure I have ever hated a show as much as some of these people.

Well, the show is on the CW network and Nancy Drew is a sexually active, grieving angsty young adult living in an apparent supernatural world. I take it that’s not her past profile. But its 2019. I decided to watch the whole episode. And, while not completely enamored, I didn’t have a visceral hate reaction. I will, for sure, watch the next episode. I’m a little intrigued to see where this goes. Look, the first Buffy the Vampire episode wasnt great but it ended up being the best television show ever (at least for me). Thus, I like to keep an open mind and viewing eye.

But, believe it or not, I’m not here to review the show. I know you wouldn’t get that impression from my rather ling digression. Instead, I’m here to be mysterious and provide no answers just like the Nancy Drew reboot.

I’ve been thinking of the phrase “sixty new ice” repeatedly for the last two days. It’s not a song lyric or a phrase from a novel. Or at least I don’t believe it to be. Each word in that phrase has a different meaning to me and each symbolizes a hope for the end of the year. Only I know what it means, but several others know of these three bits of hope I have before this year comes to an end. All three would set into motion different paths. And, one more so than the others. And, none will be easy. All require some planning and introspection. All, require me to be actively engaged. I have to put the effort in. I have to solve a few mysteries in my own life. But unlike Nancy Drew, hopefully no ghosts.

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  1. Oh.. i Love CoLoRinG
    RaNDoM WordS And
    LeTTeRS With New
    Meanings a Star Trek
    Adventure of Painting
    ReaLiTy NeW With
    No End EXCiTiNG
    And Fresh
    With no End
    Now FlavorFull
    My own Recipe
    For Heaven
    At Best and
    To Sell with
    No Worries
    Of Copyrights
    For as We know
    No one Can Do
    Alice In Wonderland
    But one Artist.. so
    ‘Sixty New Ice’ is my
    Wife’s Bet with me
    That i won’t turn
    My Pony Keg
    Into A Healthy
    Horse Six-Pack by
    When i reach 60
    In 2020 on 6.6.60
    Oh Lord all
    This typing
    So Far
    Sixty New Ice Now
    For me at least
    Is Beyond
    All Human
    Measure Beyond
    All infinity a
    Mushroom Trip
    With no Mushrooms
    At all Jabawoookie
    Howling in
    The Pale Hunter
    Full Moon Light
    Dancing With The
    Devil Saints Angels
    Just For Fun the
    All Co-Create
    The Energy
    Of Life
    All the Living
    Colors of Gotham
    Back in
    Batman Blue SKeYes
    True however
    We Paint
    The Asylum now🥶😊
    Great Movie
    By the way rarely
    Go to any movie
    But your review
    Inspired me to
    Go haha these
    Are the only
    Royalties i have
    To share thanks
    For the inspiration..:)


  2. I did read Nancy Drew when I was a youngster. Just made sure nobody else saw me doing it.

    For those who liked the earlier incarnation, I can understand they’d be shocked. If of a conservative mindset about such things, they would hate it.

    The original Nancy Drew was not a girl on her good behavior. Not in a sexual sense of course but definitely a teenage girl with an attitude. At some point the books got shorter and she became more of the “ideal” teenage girl plus lots of smarts and courage. I haven’t seen any since the late 60s but I suspect she evolved slowly to match the times.

    However what you describe is quite a change.


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