She handed them a cup of her blood and thanked them for reviving her

They were as excited as always. What a silly, nerdy family they were. They had gone yard sailing earlier in the day and had come home with a large haul of new treasures. One such treasure was this basket of old photographs.

They threw down the photos onto the rug and sat in a semi-circle on the floor holding their herbal teas. They sang and drank and warmed up. Then started storytelling. They each picked up a photograpgh and started telling a story about whoever was photographed therein. Storytelling had always been a fun and honored family tradition. Some stories were hauntingly beautiful and others extremely silly. But their brains were agile and their wit sharp. They told stories all through the night. Then at 5:57am there was a knock at the door and sure enough there she was. She handed them a cup of her blood with her gravel filled hands and thanked them for reviving her. Now, they would know her true story.

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  1. How sad to see a families picture history bought at auction, probably cheaply… meant something to someone…..obviously they’d been set free now their past pictures become another family’s history…..


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