She needed to spike the nectar in her favor

She had already spent 30 minutes frantically looking for her good luck charms. She always kept them by the door. But today they were nowhere to be found. She felt more confident when she could hold and wear them and she needed all her confidence tonight. She had to give a big speech to a very powerful group of funders. So much of her future depended on being a star and wowing the big donors. She needed to mesmerize and intoxicate. She needed to spike the nectar in her favor. As she scurried about she looked up and saw what she was looking for. Everything was going to be ok.

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  1. Beauty Love Truth And Wisdom.. Wisdom And
    Truth Hold Hands To
    Be Real… So Does
    Beauty And Love..
    Wisdom And Truth
    Will Still Feel So Empty
    Without Beauty Holding
    Hands With Love Within to Give And Share for Free consuming others
    And the Rest of Nature
    With Least Harm anyway
    This is How i See A Beautiful Country Road
    Lined With Trees into
    The Distance along with
    The Distant Echo
    Of a Train Whistle
    For there was a Day
    Where past and future
    Only brought Pain
    And Numb Beyond
    Despair and a
    Supported by
    My Health
    Showed me
    That picture of a
    Country Road and
    Trees into the Distance
    Now what was the Dark
    Side of the Moon Is
    Beyond Rainbow
    Colors so much
    Blood so much
    Sweat until
    i Found A Tear
    To open Paradise
    And Smile then Laugh
    A SMiLe And A Laugh
    Reflecting never ending
    Country Roads With
    Trees Colored With
    Beauty and Love
    This is The Wisdom
    And Truth I See Best..:)


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