I’m a spring baby but I adore autumn

I’m always a little sad when summer is over. It means I get to see my baby son a little less as he has to do that school thing. He just started 6th grade and his complaints have been endless. He was quite offended that they gave him homework the very first day of school. I keep reminding him that now as an eleven year old, he has to use his brain more. I always laugh when I tell him this. But I have severely digressed.

I was born in the springtime. I love east coast showers and the smell of blossoming green. Although, I have to admit that I suffer from horrendous allergies in the springtime. Have you ever seen Will Smith in the movie Hotch and how he swells up? That’s me. And while I love my birth season as it connotes rejuvenation and things to come, I love the autumn season.

I love the sound of crunching leaves. I love the changing colors. I love the slight whiff of the cold that is to come. I love Halloween and have already ordered my costume. Although I don’t eat turkey, I love Thanksgiving. The fall gets us thinking and reflecting. It gets us motivated to end the year right. We start planning how the next year will bring about good change. With all that in mind, may the autumn bring forth good sense and vibes.

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  1. Endless Seasons to Celebrate Within Hey!
    It is my Fall Equinox
    Conception Anniversary
    Celebration 60 Years
    Ago on Or About
    This Weekend In
    ‘59.. for the Doctor
    Had to Go on
    Vacation pre-delivered
    Two Weeks Early on
    6.6.60 Putting me
    Directly in
    The Middle
    Of The Cusp of
    Gemini hehe.. oh
    No Which Way
    Do i turn Left
    Or Right
    Originally Scheduled
    to see Light of Day
    Or Night on or
    About the
    Summer Solstice ‘60
    Then Realizing That
    Astrology and Even
    Collective Human
    Calendar Days
    Are only
    Egregores of
    Human Souls
    Force of Placebo
    Belief Yes Essence
    Of Belief of Spirit
    Breath Wind Endures
    No MATTER what Forms
    Yes Other SYMBoLS Yes Words We Associate
    With Spirit Wind
    We Love Whatever
    We Move.. Connect..
    Imagine And Co-Create
    Next Nightmares
    Of Elm Street
    Or Siamese
    Kittens Resting
    On Dogwood Branches
    Sniffing Sweet Smells
    Of Spring Flowers
    In Peace And
    Harmony of
    Air of Fall
    No Matter
    Season… Within
    Colors of Out Soul
    Beyond Infinity
    Beyond All
    Measure All
    Distance.. Space Time
    Or Matter One Love
    For Life Eternally
    Coloring New Now….

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