It’s ok to be quirky just don’t steal a gold toilet

The world is wacky, weird, and wondrous. All simultaneously. And we each contribute to the oddities all around us. We clap, at times, at the weird. We encourage wackiness. I know I certainly do. As a matter of fact, I own my quirkiness. I revel in it. I thrive because of it. I’m memorable. I cause people to not only think a bit harder, but also to question the norm. As long as it’s not unethical, illegal, or harmful draw outside that line. And be proud.

Many years ago, my sister noted to me I was odd. And, she thought that it was a bad thing. To her uniformity is good. Or was. She is now a bit changed on her perceptions of what constitutes oddity and what is ok to push the envelope on. She’s not completely changed but she understands that in my world me and my colleagues and friends try to not be judgmental.

Now, even I have my limits. And for the little of me I do not get certain behaviors. For example, this past week someone stole a golden toilet. Have you heard of Blenheim Palace. Did you know that they had a five million solid gold toilet. Well, they don’t this week as someone stole it. Well, it was not a real functioning toilet. It was part of an art exhibit by Italian artist Cattelan. The world exhibit had just opened and someone was brazen enough to steal this toilet. Apparently, the toilet was a functional one in which people were allowed to use it for three minutes. I don’t know about you but I would not care to do so. And, I suppose that’s where my quirkiness ends. The toilet is supposed to represent our collection obsession with excessive wealth. I’d rather melt it down and buy 1,000 shoes. What does that say about me? Is that more normal than wanting to use a gold toilet? To each his or her own.

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  1. Lols, you have a great sense of humour, but let me say its not totally obscure to be different but then it depends on the situation you may find yourself. Like when you are expected to appear and act in a specific manner. do you think it yet a good idea to do otherwise?


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