Siri keeps trying to take over

I have a completely annoying, and admittedly, first-world problem. Although, I really dislike that phrase. A lot. But it is what it is. Another phrase I really dislike. Nonetheless, Houston I have a problem. Or rather, Siri we have a problem.

One of my favorite television shows is Battlestar Galactica- the reboot. Go figure. A reboot that was most excellent. But that television show, moreso than Terminator, made me a little bit paranoid of our electronics and AI. Don’t get me wrong. I do not believe that our microwaves are spying on us. But electronics have taken a hold of us in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. Society, as a result, is a bit topsy turvy. I live by my phone. Everything I need to do can occur through there. Well, maybe almost everything. I get dog walkers, groceries and tasers through my phone. I order food and car rides everywhere-even internationally. I write posts. I document meetings. I book vacations from my phone when it all gets too much and I need to decompress. The irony.

I like technology and I cannot lie. That is until it goes haywire on me. Right now my iPod is driving me crazy. Houston, we’ve got a problem. Voice control self-activates every few minutes. It tries to get me to give it a command. I do not wish to. It keeps interrupting my my tunes to the point I cant truly dance in a set rhythm. I do not wish to talk to my iPod. But I think it got jealous of the conversations I have with Alexa. And, I can’t seem to stop it. I have tried everything. I have disabled countless functions and yet it can’t be shut up. It’s tiring. It is such a needy gadget. The question is what will it do next? It may very well try to start a revolution.

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  1. Love me some BSG! I find myself in the same boat. Technology is pretty integrated into my life, but I do draw the line sometimes and tell my husband we’re going to move off grid onto a homestead we’ll refer to as the Galactica. We will also have a dog named Adama. Someday. After Siri and her army of Cylons takes over.


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