What if the lint trap catches on fire?

Do you ever have such random thoughts that you slap your own self upside the head? Ok. Let’s go beyond random thoughts. I mean random concerns that you somehow voice to yourself. Let me take a step back for a second.

One of my favorite movies is that of Sex, Lies, and Videotape. I remember writing a paper in college for my film class about how it exemplified the use of modern technology to disrupt a narrative. I had also cited the movie The Conversation as well as several film noir movies from the ’50s. I loved my film classes. Sure one can argue as to whether it is the director, screenwriter or editor who is the auteur. But at the end of the day, its the audience member and what they make of the film. But back to the real topic at hand for I have digressed. And, I hate digressions. That’s actually an inside joke with myself. Moving on.

In Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Ann (the protagonist) worries about the world garbage control problem. Ever since watching that movie, I too worried about landfills wondering what will happen to it. It’s not a day in and day out concern. But I do occasionally think about it. Today specifically I found myself thinking about it as I cleaned the lint trap in my dryer. I wondered about what would happen if the lint caught fire. I see those warnings all the time on the machines and thus diligently clean out the lint traps. But what would happen if I didn’t?

And, I wondered about it for a few hours. Not continuously just here and there. But as I did so, I was reminded of Ann in Sex, Lies, and Videotape and how she obsessed about garbage. I most certainly don’t want to be so obsessive. As a rule, the fire would start from a spark in the machine. Thus, make sure no lint. Make sure no spark. Voila! No need to obsess. Problem solved. Moving on.


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  1. What If’s Ruled my World
    Decades Now Why Not’s Consume fortunately Wife Helps Still With What If’s

    What If’s Belong to Dr, Jekyll/Clark Kent.. Why Not’s Belong to Mr. Hyde/Super Man: Ground vs. Fly

    Trivia Note: Super Man Comic Originally Loosely Based on Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Bi-Polar)..:)


  2. My daughter once rented an apartment that came with a vacuum cleaner, a very nice Dyson. When I visited, she vacuumed – and I wasn’t impressed with the results, so I took a look.

    The thing – an expensive machine which, of course since this was a student apartment, came with no instructions – had FIVE filters – every single one of which had been clogged to capacity since the Deluge. I cleaned them, showed her how, demonstrated the power of such a device, and knew it would sink back into the vacuum cleaner hell I had temporarily released it from the minute she moved. Poor thing!

    Similar things happened with our first house, which had a previous owner. We probably left problems of our own when we sold it.

    Mostly, clogged filters make things inefficient. They use more electricity, and do a poorer job. You, because you clean them regularly, probably have happy filters. It is good enough.


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