Can you recover from….?

When I was a tween, I used to play a weird game. A nerdy game. I had this calculator. A gray one. And I would hit a few numbers and it would go off and do some odd number churning. My friend and I would play this quite often for a few months. I can’t really remember what it is the calculator did. I can’t figure out what could have been so exciting. Looking back it seems odd, boring, and slightly incomprehensible.

For some reason the image of being on my couch playing that game entered by head today. Somewhat akin to an earworm. It’s running over and over in my head. As I sat on the couch with phone in hand while I watched a mildly entertaining show called Private Eyes, I decided to do a Google search. And, I felt a mild case of dejavu.

Without really knowing what I was going to search for, I typed in “can you recover from…” Before I finished typing out my thought, all these odd search suggestions came up. Actually, they weren’t odd at all.

Can you recover from a stroke

Can you recover from brain death

Can you recover from sleep deprivation

Can you recover from a broken heart

Can you recover from from a torn achilles

Can you recover from a broken back

Can you recover from an affair

Can you recover from a concussion

Can you recover from a wrong conclusion

Can you recover from a mistake

Can you recover from a dark cloud

And, the list went on and on. I wanted to answer yes to most, if not all. Although, I realized halfway through that I had intended to search for whether one can recover from a sleep deficit. I don’t think you can. Which is why you need to try to get a decent amount each night. Yet, many of us don’t. Hence why caffeine runs through our collective veins. This week, I have had more coffee than usual. I needed to do so. See, I’m in a sleep deficit this week. Maybe I will be able to catch up in two weeks just in time for another opportunity to fall further behind. What a cycle of life, sleep, and catching up.

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  1. A Best thing about being retired is you are no longer as important so
    You get to nap more…
    Hmm…always been
    A Night Owl
    Naps at Night would
    Still be nice.. Given not
    Enough Sleep our Brain
    Starts to consume itself
    All that Becomes left
    Is fumes when i
    First acquired the
    Suicide Disease Pain
    Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from Wake
    To Sleep for 66 Months
    i barely slept for 40
    Days oh how i wished
    For Death any rest
    Anyway i couldn’t
    Even retrieve another
    Thought out of
    My Head And
    When i finally Slept
    i couldn’t even play
    A Game of tic tac toe..
    Yes.. Sleep is so
    Import less we
    All Become the
    Living Dead oh
    Not to be important
    Enough to nap.. hehe..:)


  2. Torn achilles tendon….like the basketball player who sustained the injury in the Game 5 of the NBA championship series. Sorry I just went off on a tangent there. Interesting questions!


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